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LogicManager: Your Ultimate Partner in Risk Management Just Got Better


Founder & CEO

“The first step in the risk management process is to acknowledge the reality of risk. Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning.”

Charles Tremper has well asserted, “The first step in the risk management process is to acknowledge the reality of risk. Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning.” Managing the risk in and around the business premises is more than an important aspect to be taken care of. Business leaders at present are extremely conscious of their data and its safety as they are constantly striving to make their data management process safer and threat-free. The risk management domain is developing day by day and creating a wide range of opportunities for the future business generation. If one would enter the market, they can easily find a bunch of platforms that are providing risk management services with one or the other service. But the LogicManager is the leading venture among them, which is standing still in the realm with top-notch solutions.

The team of GRC has been a great witness to the success journey of numerous businesses that have been a great example of passion and dedication. We have a great history of featuring tons of companies that are famous to take the arena of business and risk management domain to the next level. And here again, we are back with another tale of enthusiasm and innovation for our global readership panel. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leading figure of the LogicManager, Steven Minsky (CEO). The visionary leader shared numerous unknown facts about the company and his entrepreneurial journey so far. He also spilled the secret sauce and valuable nuggets for all young minds aspiring to lead the future business world. We, as a team, truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add extra value to the lives of our readers and inspire them to do more and dream more. We will be more than happy if our readers will get motivated enough to break their boundaries and chase their dreams.

The team of LogicManager is engaged in providing powerful risk management software with comprehensive solutions that supply organizations with focused and improved risk management processes throughout their business premises. the software offered by the company allows the users to centralize their risk management program into an all-in-one hub while streamlining their processes with a range of automated tools. Moreover, the company pairs its clients with a team of expert thought leaders and risk management consultants to get their businesses to go exactly where they want them to. With a range of personalized training sessions and best practice consulting services, the team possesses the capacity to convert hard and complex tasks into simpler ones.

In the year 2005, LogicManager Inc. conceptualized under the guidance of Steven Minsky on the belief that performance is truly the result of effective risk management. Founded on years of experience in risk and business process management, the CEO observed that operating within silos hinders a company’s ability to make risk-aware strategic decisions. He also realized that there was an urgent need for an integrated, risk-based platform to achieve strategic and desired goals.

Mr. Minsky built the LogicManager platform with a taxonomy technology designed to revolutionize organizations’ traditional governance approach, risk management, and compliance concerns. At present, LogicManager’s solutions continue to empower companies to communicate and align their values across their organization from the front lines to the executive level.

During the initial days of the company, Steven teamed up with the Risk Management Society (RIMS) to advance the discipline of enterprise risk management. He donated his intellectual property and expertise to author the Risk Maturity Model (RMM). The RMM’s proven ERM framework and free online assessment tool have helped thousands of risk professionals across the world benchmark and expand their enterprise risk management programs.


“Since 2006, we’ve been helping our customers plan by imagining the unimaginable. We equipped them with the tools and expertise to navigate obstacles throughout the 2008 Recession, the H1N1 pandemic and most recently COVID-19. Core to our business and woven into our technology is the ability to anticipate what’s around the corner. In today’s “See-Through Economy,” prescience is critical to ensuring your business and reputation stay protected. And if you are asking why choose LogicManager? First and foremost, we do what we say-and as an organization that values transparency and informed decisions making, we don’t want you to simply take our word for it.

Moreover, social platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor, and Yelp have empowered consumers to monumentally impact a company’s reputation. We refer to this trend in fast-paced transparency as the ‘See-Through Economy.’ New technologies have left companies with nowhere to hide, meaning the See-Through Economy makes risk management more important than ever. Gone are the days when PR teams could swoop in and keep a scandal under wraps. Corporate missteps of all magnitudes are now instantaneously shared, magnified, and multiplied. So, how can companies succeed in this environment? Well, it’s all about prevention. We believe performance is a result of effective risk management. Our enterprise risk management (ERM) software empowers organizations to anticipate what’s ahead, uphold their reputation, and improve business performance through strong governance.

Every single company, irrespective of the industry it operates in, products, and services it offers, does impact people like us on daily basis. LogicManager is dedicated to helping businesses make this impact a positive one. In other words, the team of LogicManager believes in good governance by holding each part of the organization to a high standard while empowering the enterprise to identify and mitigate risks before they materialize. In present times, consumers are truly empowered to speak out about what they expect from the companies they choose to support, recommend, and trust. Amidst the multitudes of corporate scandals dominating news headlines, consumers have come to expect good governance.

“Most businesses manage their risks, but many need a better approach. LogicManager is here to provide a better approach to risk management. Today, LogicManager’s SaaS software and ERM consulting service help businesses integrate risk, governance, and compliance activities so they can make proactive decisions that enable them to reach their goals. Many risk management solutions focus on separate areas of the business, managing risks associated with vendors and risks associated with IT separately, for example. While a business is comprised of its parts, these parts contribute to the whole and therefore work interdependently. This means their risks are also connected. A risk associated with IT could very well overlap with risk in vendor management. Also, our risk-based GRC solutions account for these interdependencies by giving companies an enterprise-wide view of their risk. If companies can understand which risks overlap and which risks are most impactful to their organization as a whole, they can streamline their risk management processes, and save time and money, while improving performance.


“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see the obstacles as opportunities.” In the journey to scale in the business world and gain the trust of clients, excellence in the products and services a business provides plays a crucial role. And the team LogicManager understands the assignment very well. The company is committed to helping businesses of all sizes, across all industries, manage their risks proactively and meet the expectations of their customers, employees, shareholders, and communities at large. They are engaged in collaborating with leading technology providers, consultants, and service organizations to enable every customer to tackle the most complex challenges in risk management with ease. With the help of their experienced partners, LogicManager’s product and industry-leading support continue to evolve. For a better understanding of the organization, let’s have a look at the services it offers.

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Audit management
  • Business continuity management
  • Human resource management
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Events and incidents
  • IT governance and cybersecurity
  • Policy and governance
  • Financial controls
  • Vendor management
  • Risk management
  • Environmental, social, and governance
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Before signing off, the inspiration leader shared some valuable budgets for all the budding leaders and future generations. He says, “We primarily focus on mentorship and teamwork. We don’t have any strict rules for the people working, while we see people working hard to maintain a healthy work environment themselves. We try to provide a safe and caring environment to each member of the organization. As we have a diversified the environment in our company because of people living in various countries, speaking different languages, and having different lifestyles, LogicManager connects them all in the same work culture platform so that they can shine in their way without any boundaries.”

Steven is a fabulous leader and highly skilled entrepreneur setting new parameters for future leaders, especially the ones who are planning to enter the risk management arena. The visionary further adds, “LogicManager led by Integrity, innovation, and serenity. We strongly believe in Integrity to support our teamwork, Innovation to propel us forward with passion, and strive to achieve Serenity for our clients after the problem is successfully solved by us.”