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Logikcull: Quick and Seamless Response to Internal Investigations


Co-Founder & CEO

“Unisys is A prominent provider of industry-specific solutions with cutting-edge security to clients in the government, banking, and healthcare sectors.”

Unisys, an IT veteran, was mulling over changing its strategy of searching employee inboxes for identifying information on an internal investigation. The process was highly time-consuming and cumbersome. This procedure frequently required going through up to 60 subfolders at once. Important or relevant information had to be transferred across the system and outside to attorneys. Naturally, Unisys was in search of a much faster and more technical solution. Extensive research led to Logikcull. For the legal department at Unisys, Logikcull’s user-friendliness, accessibility, and automated functions have allowed significant time savings.

The time needed to respond to internal investigations was reduced significantly. Unisys is A prominent provider of industry-specific solutions with cutting-edge security to clients in the government, banking, and healthcare sectors. “After our intervention, the enterprise could drag-and-drop email and other responsive documents directly into an easily accessible cloud-based platform that automatically processes and categorizes them. Further, it was possible to identify and review materials using the carousel filter. Also, Unisys could Identify and review materials quickly using Logikcull’s carousel filter. We also could Bulk tag information for relevance and get rid of what’s useless,” says Andy Wilson, Co-founder and CEO.

For a quicker, more economical, entirely vendor-free discovery process, more than 1,500 legal teams rely on Logikcull. The firm caters to Corporations, Governments, Education, Law Firms, and Nonprofits. Hundreds of legal teams rely on Logikcull, a cloud-based eDiscovery system, to automate discovery and legal holds for lawsuits, subpoenas, and investigations. Logikcull has years of experience in areas including Early Case Assessment, Legal Holds, Legal Holds In Slack, FOIA and Open Records, Internal Investigation, Subpoena Response, DSARS, Litigation/eDiscovery, Departed Email Search, Data Preservation PII Detection and Redaction, Audio Redaction and A/V Transcription. “With Logikcull, you can swiftly and effectively get to the root of internal matters, protecting your company’s interests. Our platform empowers legal, compliance, and HR teams to uncover the truth with minimal effort. Your entire investigation stays in a secure closed-loop system.

If you need to collaborate with outside counsel, you can do it on your terms. Give them access to Logikcull so you can have increased control and visibility at all times. Internal investigations often beget other internal investigations. Make sure you limit your investigation to the necessary data to avoid creating more work for your future self,” continues Wilson. Conducting an accurate Early Case Assessment is as simple as dragging and dropping with Logikcull. Clients have been able to gain essential insights and evaluate risks and lower expenses. Clients can locate the most relevant documents and gain a general picture of the extent of the review and the quality of your evidence by utilizing keywords and keyword combinations in Logikcull. The most lucrative feature of Logikcull is that there is no reliance on third parties for amassing huge amounts of data.

Instead, clients can extract data directly from Slack, Google Vault, Microsoft 365, and so on. Clients also have the option of getting them automatically processed in minutes. “By using keywords and keyword combinations in Logikcull, you can find the most responsive documents and get a preliminary understanding of the scope of the review and the strength of your evidence. Logikcull is self-serve and ridiculously easy to use. But if you get stuck at any point, our discovery experts are available 24/7/365 for you. Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence helps you automatically organize & filter your data — so you can surface responsive docs in a few clicks,” informs Wilson. Up to 97% of the noise in your data might be non-responsive. With the help of Logikcull, clients can concentrate on the crucial files while squandering less time and resources on the ones that are not.