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MetricStream: A Fast-paced and Simplified Approach Toward Incident and Case Management


Co-CEO & Co-Founder

“The MetricStream incident and case management empower enterprises to simplify and normalize the entire incident and case management process. The reference is for capturing, resolving, reporting, and investigating cases”

The contemporary world consists of several incident and case management software solutions. All enterprises require these solutions for streamlining their operations in incident planning and administration. Any solution will bring desired results if chosen after an indepth analysis of the requirements and current and future-oriented goals. ”MetricStream Case and Incident Management software, built on the MetricStream Platform, enables you to establish and follow consistent procedures for case and incident planning and administration, recording, triaging, routing, investigating, tracking, and closure. You can report cases from multiple sources, such as emails, hotlines, and intranet portals, with the option of anonymity. Cases/incidents can be aligned to organizations, business processes, controls, risks, policies, and regulations to identify compliance or regulatory risk,” says Gaurav Kapoor, Co-CEO and CoFounder of MetricStream.

MetricStream is a renowned name in the GRC industry. Besides incident and case management, the enterprise has years of industry experience across sectors such as operational risk, enterprise risk, observation, policy, regulatory engagement, compliance advisory, third-party risk, and SOX compliance. Their clients are from diverse backgrounds, including Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Technology, Telecom, and Utilities. The MetricStream incident and case management empower enterprises to simplify and normalize the entire incident and case management process.

The reference is for capturing, resolving, reporting, and investigating cases. The key benefits that the MetricStream clients can avail include consolidating case data from hotlines, emails, and other sources into a single source or, say, the database for improved visibility. Also, the enterprise has a proven track record in streamlining and automating the management of different cases across an organization. Significant noteworthy features of the MetricStream incident and case management include flexibility, configured workflows, and other case types.


MetricStream clients enjoy easy and speedy incident and case planning and administration. The process of incident and case management can be cumbersome and complicated depending on scenarios and circumstances. MetricStream as an enterprise, understands the importance of extending a simplified approach here. The firm achieves this by maintaining a single source of truth for case and incident facts, including investigations, and using the product’s integrated information architecture to prevent strewn emails and documents. ”Further, we leverage various collaborative workflows. The decision on the use of workflows depends on the case and incidents.

The process is not only simpler but faster as well. With us, it is possible to report an incident or case in the product directly. The other option is to trigger it from various sources, relate them to other incidents, and classify cases. It is also important to establish a relationship or harmony between policies, processes, regulations, or controls during incident and case management. The other feature is the ability to capture and classify cases and incidents based on pre-defined criteria. This applies to high-intense scenarios as well, informs Kapoor. Better Collaboration will be another critical feature of the MetricStream incident and case approach. Investigative tasks are managed with collaborative workflows. The investigations are tracked efficiently. The process also involves attempts to identify the underlying causes and capture findings.

The firm also triggers investigations to identify why the case/incident occurred and what was the causative aspect. One of the successful strategies also involves assigning investigative tasks to different users, enabling parallel investigations. Depending on the severity and priority of the event, MetricStream professionals divide up the cases and incidents from different sources in the triage queue and send them to the relevant team. The triage team may assess the threat, secure the reported cases, and allocate the case or incident to the appropriate owners for correction. The process is what enables a structured approach to incident and case management.

MetricStream has always been able to extend remediation workflows far more effective than many of its peers. As appropriate, MetricStream professionals assign corrective measures and keep an eye on how each one is being carried out. Significant importance is given to tracking action items, and deadlines, and, if necessary, setting off reminders and escalations. After taking successful corrective measures, the case or incident is ended. The other focus is on providing OrganizationWide Visibility with Simple Dashboards and Reports. MetricStream clients can obtain thorough visibility into the case and incident management using graphical dashboards with drill-down features.


The enterprise caters to clients from different domains. Clients could reinforce the GRC program to improve controls and policies by leveraging critical insights based on the data collected during the case and incident process. The MetricStream approach places heavy emphasis on analyzing the present case data and identifying root causes. Clients could also promote a culture of integrity and safety by enabling a secure way to report incidents and cases. Clients have also talked about the ability to ensure agile and quick decisionmaking. The MetricStream Case and Incident Management software do allow for anonymous case reporting. The system does not keep the user’s personal information when they log a case to ensure privacy standards are ensured.