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Microsoft A.I. chatbot Is Now On Bing app

The Microsoft AI-powered chatbot is now available on the Bing App for Android and iPhone.

Besides, the tech giant had announced Microsoft AI Bing for Skype, a telecommunications platform. 

The announcement was made in February. The information included details on the preview release of its Edge and new Bing mobile apps. The new features included are AI Chatbot access and voice search. Presently, the apps are available on Android and iOS.

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On Wednesday, Microsoft also disclosed Bing for Skype with AI. Users can ask queries about Microsoft’s AI by adding it to group conversations. All of the group’s questions will be answered by the chatbot.

Users can also ask the app for suggestions on the best travel plans, tours, weather, etc. The solutions to the queries will appear in bullet form.

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The responses will be simplified and are likely to be in conventional text format.

“I had not seen something like this since, and I would say 2007-2008 when the cloud was just first coming out,” informs Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

He has had a long tenure with the enterprise. He is amazed at the power of artificial intelligence to spearhead future-oriented progress in the tech world.

Microsoft unveiled upgrades to its Edge browser and Bing search engine driven by AI on February 7 at an event held at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters.

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