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Minimalistic Storage, the Hottest Trend in 2022?

The enterprise storage industry has been witnessing significant changes in recent years. Some of the trends have been gaining more significance than others. Minimalistic storage requires special mention. Industry veterans firmly believe the essential requirement that the present storage industry requires is minimalistic storage or less storage.

Less storage will be the hottest trend in the upcoming years as well. There has to be a cumulative effort from the industry to achieve this. Although measures are going on, much more must be done to achieve less storage with more efficiency.

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Here are some techniques that could reduce the load of data on enterprises:

  • Metadata processing that could reduce the payload
  • Pre-filtering or pre-sorting of vast amounts of data available, doing so would make the problem of network congestion less severe, and
  • Embedding compelling compression features into drives

The abundance of data has been heavily impacting enterprises across different industries and domains. As a result, vast amounts of data require some initial sorting.

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The enterprise storage systems market will be worth about USD 15.15bn by 2025. During the analysis period, which is between 2020 to 2025, the expected CAGR is around 5.92 percent. (technavio)

The most critical aspect has been the ever-increasing data center investments that further promote market growth.

The other factors that influence the recent growth of the global enterprise storage market include:

  • Increasing demand for SDS, Software Defined Storage
  • The never-before rise in enterprise data
  • The dilemma of storing such a massive volume of data
  • Recent advancements in enterprise storage systems
  • Ongoing adoption of cloud storage, and
  • Increased use of camera-powered personal devices

Also, the global enterprise storage market is not devoid of critical challenges. The enormous volumes of data make highly secure data a challenging objective. If not tackled with adequate measures, data security can impact the market’s growth at different levels.

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