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Multicloud in Storage Going to Be the New Norm

According to recent data, investments in cloud-computing infrastructure grew by about 32% in 2021. A Gartner report clarifies the scenario that towards the end of 2021, the assets in the space touched about $59 billion. Towards the end of 2022, the same number is expected to go beyond the $100 billion mark.

Cloud is everywhere in the storage sector. Industry veterans predict that the cloud will be where the actual data will be stored in the next few years. The cloud space is growing and multicloud appears to be the new norm.

Earlier, AWS represented the majority of the cloud storage. Nowadays, enterprises have diversified cloud storage contracts across multiple vendors; this creates a multi-cloud storage option. As a result, multi-clouds are going to be the norm in the worldwide storage industry.

As per the ‘Wallstreet Journal’ earlier this year, enterprises such as Experian are in search of multi-cloud solutions through AWS, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft. A similar behavior is seen from federal agencies, including big names such as Pentagon and CIA.

Multicloud storage is usually managed through multicloud controllers. These controllers combine all the resources within a standard API and namespace. Consequently, this centralizes management and empowers enterprises to control and handle services through a single dashboard.

Cloud-based storage deployed across several clouds can enhance data flexibility and protection through the distribution of critical data across several isolated locations. The direct impact of such a wider deployment is that the risk of vendor lock-in is reduced heavily. Multicloud storage also enables enterprises to duplicate databases across multiple clouds.

81% of all enterprises report that they employ a multi-cloud plan already strategized or are planning to employ some in the near future.

Some of the cloud providers are pairing up, say Oracle and Microsoft. As a result, their customers can seamlessly incorporate a multi-cloud strategy that takes advantage of Oracle Cloud and Azure.

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