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“Our Data Discovery and classification capabilities extend to virtually any data source via a library of hundreds of pre-built connectors, as well as our open SDK for custom or unique data systems. Leveraging AI, expert implementation guidance and best practices learned and applied from more than 14,000 customers, we make your data discovery journey easy, effective, and efficient”

Every year, as ransomware becomes more sophisticated, new data formats become more popular, and new platforms are utilized to create and store data. Also, new and developing difficulties are presented, putting these techniques to the test.

More than 91% of firms are now experiencing significant digital transformation, according to recent information from Gartner. The move toward digitalization is powered by the rising significance of data, which is now central to how firms function and make choices.

Digitization has been instrumental in taking the sensitive data recovery industry to the next level. Yet, the path to digitization has not been hassle-free. The development also paves the way for disastrous challenges such as data breaches, data privacy legislation, and compliance rules.

The latest trends are indicative that around 88% of enterprises lack confidence in their ability to identify and prevent data loss of sensitive data. 

Different categories of sensitive data exist inside a business. It consists of personally identifiable data such as social security numbers, license numbers, passwords, financial data, and health information. At-risk data includes sensitive data. Sensitive data management is one-way businesses may reduce the risk associated with such data. 

The nature and volume of sensitive data are different from its earlier versions. Accordingly, sensitive data recovery solutions need to undergo massive changes. The industry requires innovative solutions. OneTrust, an Atlanta-based organization, seems to understand the situation perfectly. 

“People demand greater control of their personal data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use these moments to build trust and deliver more valuable experiences. We provide privacy and data governance automation to help organizations better understand their data across the business, meet regulatory requirements, and operationalize risk mitigation to provide transparency and choice to individuals,” says Kabir Barday, CEO of OneTrust.

The firm aims at assisting its clients in analyzing the enormous volume of data entering a business and enabling proactive management of data sprawl while upholding consumer rights, choices, and transparency.

Understand the Data

A thorough understanding of organizational data is required for effective management and processing.  

OneTrust manages organizational data successfully with a system that offers total visibility, comprehensive control, and data integrity protection while reducing data risk. 

“Discover, classify, inventory, and map sensitive data no matter where it is. With more than 200 pre-built connectors into data sources like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Snowflake, DataBricks, Box, Google Drive, and more. We can help you know your data and apply security and privacy policies. Whether looking to implement GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, or any other data governance framework, OneTrust can help automate workflows to ensure you are meeting all applicable data security rules and privacy regulations,” says Barday. 

Unique Approach to Sensitive Data

It is all about understanding the sensitive data and controlling its lifecycle. The more data a company keeps, the more open it is to attack or exploitation. Simply keeping the info that is really required and erasing the rest is the wisest course of action. Automate remediation processes to find content that doesn’t comply with retention policies rapidly. 

The firm enables clients to identify data kept outside of best practices or regulatory frameworks. The enterprise also finds redundant, trivial, and obsolete data across the estate so that it is removable from the data footprint. Besides, the firm has successfully reduced the risk quotient in case of a breach. 

The unique approach to sensitive data is all about enhancing visibility into the data. Details such as the location, accessibility and other details of the data should be clearly understood. This aspect is foundational to any business. The data has to be classified so that its responsible use is possible across the entire lifecycle.

OneTrust incorporates privacy and data security by default into company operations while respecting individual choice. 

The OneTrust platform seamlessly configures to fit enterprises of different sizes. In other words, enterprises can choose a suitable strategy in sync with the current requirements. Later, it is possible to update as the requirements evolve. 

OneTrust has enabled its clients to discover personal, sensitive, and other data in unstructured file shares, structured databases, big data storage, SaaS applications, and other cloud solutions. Further, it is possible to scan complex data, including PDFs, ZIP files, and images with full OCR capabilities. 

Customers are confident that OneTrust uses privacy by design principles to ensure that their data is never duplicated, transferred, or used to train AI models beyond the restrictions of the current environment. 

“Our Data Discovery and classification capabilities extend to virtually any data source via a library of hundreds of pre-built connectors, as well as our open SDK for custom or unique data systems. Leveraging AI, expert implementation guidance and best practices learned and applied from more than 14,000 customers, we make your data discovery journey easy, effective, and efficient,” continues Barday.

OneTrust has gained unmatched experience in leveraging AI to discover and classify data across structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Further, OneTrust automatically tags data with regulatory context, sensitivity, or custom classifiers. The other feature is the ability to identify at-risk data, enforce security controls, and assess for drift over time with advanced analytics. 

Clients can orchestrate data retention and deletion at scale for a company using intelligent data discovery and categorization, integrated global retention schedules, and data policy orchestration. 

OneTrust makes all data visibly available. The security and privacy teams of the client are aware of all the data they have, where it is located, and who has access to it. Clients could comprehend and lower the danger posed by the enterprise-wide data sprawl.

Awards and Recognition

OneTrust was featured in the 2023 Forbes Cloud 100. Last year, OneTrust was ranked no.1 in data privacy market share. 

An organization is more vulnerable to attack or exploitation the more data it retains. The best approach is to preserve the data that is absolutely necessary, and to erase the rest. Automate remediation procedures and quickly discover material that breaches retention regulations. 

“OneTrust Data Discovery & Classification connects to virtually any data store you have to scan, classify, and catalog your data. On-prem, cloud and SaaS, Big Data, structured and unstructured, messaging, and email—with around 200 connectors and an open SDK, OneTrust covers your entire data ecosystem at scale,” adds Barday. 

Since its inception, OneTrust, together with a broad network of partners, employees, and clients has been able to deliver a market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform.

The platform is central in connecting ESG teams, data, ethics, GRC, and privacy. 

“Together, we’ve built the #1 fastest-growing company on the Inc. 500 and category-defining enterprise software to operationalize trust and transparency. Only OneTrust connects data, teams, and processes for seamless collaboration—so you can turn trust from an abstract concept to an attainable asset,” concludes Barday.