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Only 1% of Cloud Permissions Are Leveraged Actively

According to a Microsoft estimate, the major cloud platforms may support over 40,000 permissions. However, according to the 2023 State of Cloud Permission Risk study, half of these rights are, in reality, high-risk ones.

Microsoft claims that the rise in super administrators, workload identities, and “over-permissioning” raises the cyber risk cloud infrastructure companies to face.

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Regrettably, enterprises may be exposed to the danger of cloud security breaches and misuse due to a lack of adequate visibility and significant control over these authorizations.

Less than 2% of the permissions granted to Super Identities are used, given that they can create and edit service configuration settings.

Workload identities use less than 5% of rights issued, and the average percentage of dormant workload identities has doubled since 2021.

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“Closing the permissions gap and reducing the risk of permission misuse requires organizations to implement the principle of least privilege. This must occur consistently to all human and workload identities across multi-cloud environments. Organizations can achieve this at a cloud scale by adopting a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution to continuously discover, remediate and monitor the activity of every unique user and workload identity across multi-cloud,” informs Alex Simons, CVP of program management, Microsoft.

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