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Perimeter 81: Empowering Security through Zero Trust Solutions


Founder & CEO

“In simple language, it could be understood that traditional IT network security trusts anyone and anything inside the network. A zero-trust architecture trusts no one and depends solely on verification.”

In the arena which is marked by growing cyber threats and sophisticated attacks on online businesses, companies and organizations are recognizing a very serious need for vigorous cybersecurity solutions. One such example that has gained prominence is the Zero Trust security model, and Perimeter 81 has grown as a leading provider in this area of cybersecurity. This article explores the key features and benefits of Perimeter 81 as a Zero Trust Security Solution Provider.

Zero Trust security is one of the major Digital security models that works on the need for strict identity verification for every human and device who tries to access the information and resources on a private network, exception of whether they are present within or outside of the network perimeter. ZTNA is one of the major technologies associated with Zero Trust architecture, but Zero Trust is a comprehensive approach to digital network security that includes several different principles and technologies.

In simple language, it could be understood that traditional IT network security trusts anyone and anything inside the network. A zero-trust architecture trusts no one and depends solely on verification.

Perimeter 81 concretizes the Zero Trust security model by discontinuing the traditional security perimeter and focusing on securing individual devices, users, and applications. Its overall approach ensures that trust should never be assumed in the technical field in terms of data security, and verification is a continuous process.

Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust platform accelerates IT control over network and application access by defining and managing policies for users, user groups, applications, and application groups. By segmenting access via user and application it creates a more granular alternative to network segmentation.

Perimeter 81 takes into consideration Zero Trust concepts with the help of the SASE model, which results in the overall security and network capabilities. This provides accessibility to businesses and enterprises to take up a cloud-centric architecture that even includes modern business requirements.

Perimeter 81 enables secure access to applications, ensuring that users may only access the resources required for their specified jobs. This reduces the danger of illegal access and data breaches. The platform has advanced threat detection and response methods, which use automation to quickly identify and mitigate possible security issues.

Perimeter 81, which uses SDP, enables enterprises to establish isolated, micro-segmented networks, minimizing the attack surface and preventing threats from moving laterally within the network. Unlike traditional perimeter-based security methods, Perimeter 81 focuses on securing individuals and devices regardless of location. This is especially important in today’s mobile, remote work situations.

One of the major benefits of using the services of Perimeter81 is the accessibility and convenience it offers to users and businesses. Users can easily access the network without any hassle to sign in or boot up their PCs or laptops, which saves time and energy. In addition to this, Perimeter81’s user-friendly interface and automated features make it easy to navigate and manage network security policies. The software also ensures a hassle-free work environment by protecting connections, files, and IPs, thus enhancing both employee and client security.

Zero Trust may be found as one of the complex technologies, however, adopting this security model can be a very best safeguard for your company data if you have a partnership with the best technology partner. Look no further as Perimeter 81 is one of the most reliable SASE platforms that includes networking services along with a built-in Zero Trust approach for its users and device access. With Perimeter81, customers and businesses automatically implement and make sure that Zero Trust protection is provided to all the assets and data of the business and organizations.

In an era where cyber threats have evolved over the years, a zero-trust security model is becoming imperative for organizations/companies. Perimeter81 comes up as a Zero Trust Security Solution Provider, which provides a holistic platform that embraces the principles of Zero Trust, secures access to applications, and allows organizations to go through the complexities of the modern threat landscape. As businesses strive to safeguard their digital assets, Perimeter 81 emerges as a strategy in the pursuit of a resilient and adaptive security infrastructure.