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Physical Security Has Become More Vulnerable for the U.S Businesses Compared to 2021

U.S. businesses had to face more threats with respect to physical security this year as compared to last year. According to industry observers, around 88% of U.S security leaders and security solutions have seen an increase in the incidents of physical threats compared to 2021.

‘The 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report’ confirms this data. The study was by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence. 

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The study also highlights that 88 % of these businesses have reopened offices. However, the health and safety policies and remote work environments are also causing significant issues to an enterprise’s physical security.

The main challenges to physical security this year include:

Threat data management

Physical threats for work-from-home employees

Physical threats encountered by an enterprise’s C-suite executives

Although it is the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, some enterprises continue to work from home. Also, as organizations continue their hybrid work, the conflict issues between employees and management continue to affect more enterprises.

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The extensive study covered a wide range of executives, including chief compliance officers, chief legal officers, physical security veterans, etc. Besides many others.

Now that physical security has become critical for businesses worldwide, more investments are pouring in, and in-depth research is being carried out. 

More focus on physical security and its adaptation into an organization will be a trend as far as the upcoming years are concerned, say, industry experts.

As enterprises begin focusing more on the possible risks, risk analysis becomes an essential part of any security implementation efforts. 

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