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Pure Storage Establishes Association with Meta on Artificial Intelligence Research SuperCluster

American-based Pure Storage has disclosed that Meta has selected the enterprise as a storage partner for delivering highly scalable storage abilities to empower its innovative AI Research Supercluster (RSC), an AI-powered supercomputer.

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) had announced on 24th January, 22 that the IT pioneer that empowers storage-as-a-service considers it as a significant step for them to be a part of Meta’s new AI Research Supercluster (RSC), which, according to Meta, would be the fastest AI supercomputer globally.

Pure has been providing technologies for Meta for a long-time, helping in the design of the first-generation AI research infrastructure of Meta in 2017.

Pure’s diverse portfolio empowers large-scale AI workloads through architecturally optimized solutions that are high-performing. As a result, customers are able to process vast amounts of information from both the unstructured and structured sources through reliability, efficiency, and speed.

“The technologies powering the metaverse will require massively powerful computing solutions capable of instantly analysing ever-increasing amounts of data. Meta’s RSC is a breakthrough in supercomputing that will lead to new technologies and customer experiences enabled by AI. We are thrilled to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing the progress Meta’s AI researchers will make,” this is what Rob Lee, CTO, Pure Storage had to say.

RSC is all set to lead to the metaverse, Meta’s next significant computing platform. AI-driven products and applications would play a pivotal role.

Meta is utilizing RSC to construct innovative AI models besides AR tools based on massive volumes of videos, images, and texts in various languages. These new technologies would form a significant part of the metaverse computing platform by Meta.

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