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Ransomware, the Top Concern for CISOs?

It is known to all that the role of CISOs is altering strategically. Today’s CISOs have diversified positions in the entrepreneurial structure. The ever-altering cyber landscape throws new challenges. As per various data sources, most CISOs confirm ransomware as the topmost concern.

CISOs are under tremendous pressure to safeguard their company and keep them out of the news regarding security breaches.

Ransomware was the biggest concern for CISOs in 2022. Unfortunately, the scenario will remain relatively the same in 2023 as well. 

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Here is a persistent threat of not knowing when or how an assault might be launched against the company.

Most CISOs are developing a fundamentals-based approach to tackle the enormity of a ransomware attack.

Polls have revealed that 36% of assaults result in the loss of C-level personnel and that 40% of the public’s perception of the blame for a ransomware attack falls entirely on the CEO’s shoulders.

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As CISOs are under constant pressure to tackle the latest ransomware challenges, organizational support in terms of budget and other resources is also significant.

To evaluate the attack surface and the present level of security resilience and preparedness in terms of tools, processes, and capabilities to fight against attacks, CISOs need to conduct risk assessments and penetration testing.

Even before preparing for the technical response to a ransomware attack, CISOs must establish protocols and compliance procedures that engage essential decision-makers within the firm.

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