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Rapid 7: Disrupting the Penetration Market Industry 2023


CEO, Rapid7

The unusual adoption of cloud computing services and solutions heavily influences the market. Furthermore, the industry is witnessing a surge in data centers.

The market for penetration testing, valued at $1.6 billion in 2021, is expected to increase at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2022 to 2031 to reach $5.3 billion. The unusual adoption of cloud computing services and solutions heavily influences the market. Furthermore, the industry is witnessing a surge in data centers. Over the last few years, governing bodies have intervened and implemented strict regulations to enhance the adoption of penetration testing solutions. The act of assaulting own IT systems in the same way that an attacker would find active security holes on a network is known as penetration testing. However, the industry faces a myriad of challenges. First, of course, the sector has transformed heavily. The contemporary industry requires solutions that are well-adapted to the current requirements.

The Boston, MA-based Rapid7 has an in-depth focus on understanding the needs of the industry to introduce innovative penetration testing solutions. Globally, businesses rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to advance safely. The firm’s Insight cloud’s visibility, analytics, and automation enable security teams to decrease vulnerabilities, watch for suspicious activity, analyze and stop threats, and automate repetitive processes by streamlining the complicated. “Rapid7 retains an extensive focus on the penetration solutions space. The Rapid7 penetration testing solutions enable to gather together the collective knowledge of a global security community to test your network and find your holes. Determine the most impactful vulnerabilities and focus on what matters most. Verify likelihood and impact with real-world attacks, fix top exposures, and check that they are patched,” informs Corey. Thomas, CEO, Rapid7.


Metasploit is the name of the Penetration testing software for offensive security teams. Fundamentally, Rapid7 extends penetration testing solutions on par with the attacker’s approach. The Metasploit penetration testing program enables the use of attackers’ tools against them as they always create new vulnerabilities and attack techniques. The other advantage of the penetration testing solution is the unparalleled availability of real-world exploits through the Metasploit Framework. More than 100,000 users and contributors are part of its maintenance. Further, it is possible to correlate the proper exploits to the apt vulnerabilities. It is all about importing assets and permitting Metasploit Pro to do the other jobs. Also, it is possible to remove dangerous exploits for testers with different skills to conduct penetration tests.

The next step is prioritizing leading attack vendors. Finally, it is possible to use simple phishing and USB drop campaign wizards to assess user awareness. The next step will be to use post-exploitation modules and antivirus evasion techniques to penetrate networks deeper after a breach. This is the way hackers function mainly. By combining Metasploit with Insight VM, it is possible to create an exclusive closed-loop process for penetration testing and vulnerability management. “The Rapid7 Insight Platform collects data from across your environment, making it easy for teams to manage vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate your operations. Through automation and orchestration, you’ll free up team members to focus on strategic priorities with the confidence to know that things are running smoothly in the background,” informs Corey.