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Recently Discovered GitHub Actions Flaw is Now tackled

In an exciting discovery of a flaw and further remedial measure, the GitHub Actions flaw, which permitted code to be enabled without significant review, is now tackled through a new feature rollout.

GitHub, Inc. focuses on Internet hosting for software development besides version control by leveraging Git.

GitHub Actions is the CI (continuous integration) service by GitHub. This CI service presents a unique mechanism to construct and run software process workflows beginning from development to production systems.

A team of experts from Cider Security, an IT expert, is behind the discovery of the presence of the code review bypass risk, even in the case of enterprises that hadn’t enabled the GitHub Actions facility. This could have been a huge concern here; as GitHub Actions is a default installation, any enterprise can be susceptible to the discovered flaw. This background called for urgent tackling methods as far as the enterprise security sector is concerned.

Stricter controls are enabled to deal with the discovered weakness in the GitHub Actions facility.

The Cider Security experts have explained how this weakness makes it possible for attackers or rogue developers to self-authenticate pull requests. As an immediate consequence, it becomes easy to plant malicious software into tributaries that feed the production software.

Attackers will just have to compromise single-user accounts before attempting attacks, and it depends on the editing permissions key within the workforce file.

This is how GitHub explains the tackling mechanism. “This protects against a user using Actions to satisfy the ‘required approvals’ branch protection requirement and merging a change that was not reviewed by another user. To prevent breaking existing workflows, ‘Allow GitHub Actions reviews to count towards required approval’ is enabled by default. However, an organization admin can disable it under the organization’s Actions settings,” explains GitHub.

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