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Russian Attack Aftermath: The U.S Is Taking Proactive Measures to Defend Intrusion

The recent Russian attack on Ukraine seems to be an eye-opener for IT experts across the globe. Like many other countries, the U.S is being extremely proactive about intrusion protection.

As per sources, the Russian government is known to be exploring options for potential attacks. U.S President Biden has recently reiterated these warnings. IT experts are aware that these warnings are not to be taken lightly.

Consequently, it is imperative that every enterprise, both small and large, is thoroughly equipped regarding intrusion prevention. CISA, the U.S cyber security agency, is thoroughly focused on empowering enterprises to prepare for, react to and reduce the impact of potential attacks.

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CISA has issued a ‘Shields-Up’ guidance for all enterprises of varying sizes and verticals. Here is an insight into critical aspects of the guidance.

  • Reducing probabilities of a destructive cyber intrusion
  • Post the discovery of an intrusion, taking immediate measures to quickly detect a probable intrusion
  • Ensuring that every enterprise is well-equipped to react in case of an intrusion
  • Maximizing an organization’s resilience to destructive cyber threats

In short, the basic aspect of strengthening defense is to first gain insights into the corporate cyber-attack surface. In other words, the perfect intrusion detection takes place with the knowledge of identifying where critical vulnerabilities, misconfigured assets, remote access, or unmanaged assets lie and fixing them.

The much-anticipated, or say, the much-feared Russian attack might never take place. However, enterprises agree that this thought cant be a deterrent. It is critical to enhance visibility into the attack surface and minimize risk exposure through reliance on a range of well-defined best practice steps.

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