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Seagate and Hammerspace to Work Together on Data Access

Hammerspace extends a worldwide data environment covering AWS, Azure, and data centers, along with Google cloud infrastructure.

Seagate is a leader in mass data storage solutions; as per a recent update, Hammerspace and Seagate will be working together on data access.

The May 2022 dated official release from the two companies confirmed the collaboration would focus on bringing automated data orchestration besides unified data access across the latter’s Seagate Lyve Cloud Service for EXOS CORVAULT block storage equipment and Object storage.

The Seagate Lyve Cloud

The Seagate Lyve Cloud is a storage-exclusive cloud made to assist consumers in managing global data flow in a multi-cloud platform. All users would be able to store, access, and move data sets. Throughout, complete control of their data will be retained.

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As a result of the collaboration, consumers will be able to leverage a data environment with Hammerspace. In addition, there are no charges levied by Seagate Lyve Cloud for egress or ingress of data movement. This fact makes Seagate Lyve Cloud an ideal complement to the automated data orchestration abilities of Hammerspace.

The Seagate Lyve Cloud is synonymous with high performance, data privacy, no API changes, no lock-in, and there are no egress fees. As a result, the total cost of ownership is much lower with respect to moving, accessing, and storing data.

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“Hammerspace is excited to team with Seagate to bring the advantages of the Global Data Environment platform – orchestrating data to any location – to Seagate users around the globe. With Hammerspace and Lyve Cloud, users gain high-performance, local access to data regardless of where it is located” this is what Tony Asaro, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, Hammerspace had to say about the recent collaboration.


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