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Securing Cloud IAM Is An urgent Requirement

Cloud IAM may be the weakest link and easily subjected to attacks. Weak points in Cloud IAM are always of interest to hackers. It could be poor credentialing practices or similar trends. This trend has been persistent for some time. The underlying cause is the increasing migration to the cloud

Cloud migration is happening everywhere. The fundamental principle behind the transition to the cloud is the ability to host data and applications in a secure and efficient IT scenario. Aspects related to security, performance, and cost assume importance here. 

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The benefits of transitioning to the cloud are proven. However, what is being highlighted nowadays is the security aspect. Cloud has become the favorite of hackers. Threats to cloud data are constant and are evolving in multiple ways.

The cloud IAM can be the weakest link in the process. How to confirm the identity of users that want access to cloud services and data is one of the biggest problems for IAM in the cloud.

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Conventional practices may not be sufficient for the cloud. So, we may have to think beyond passwords, PINs, etc., while securing the Cloud IAM. 

New approaches are required. How to control the identities of users who use the cloud is another problem for IAM in the cloud, particularly in a virtual work environment where user variety and quantity may change

New strategies are required to enforce security in the cloud IAM. The majority of well-known cloud data breaches, according to Palo Alto Networks, begin with improperly set IAM policies or exposed credentials. 

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