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Security in DevOps, A Big Trend in Application Security?

Cloud platform adaptations of application security mechanisms are continuously expanding and emerging.

The trend is prompted by the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and agility, and developers can work more quickly by collaborating more. Further, the flexibility of working remotely from any location enhances the popularity of the cloud.

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A persistent security approach should be utilized by employing Inactive Application Security Testing (SAST) RulePacks that distinguish powerlessness categories particular to the cloud provider’s system. What’s unique about this approach is that it is more progressed and secure than Framework As Code (IAC) filtering, says a study by Techbacon.

The specialty of this approach is that it is more advanced and highly secure than IAC scanning. On the other hand, IAC scanning comprises the fundamental identification of security issues and misconfigurations within an application. 

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Likewise, developers of applications are expected to assume greater responsibility for security. According to Forbes, security solutions will be more closely incorporated with DevOps solutions, enabling developers to conduct autonomous application testing. This eliminates the requirement for security experts to repeatedly defer security issues to developers whenever a vulnerability is detected.

The process can optimize the process of dealing with security concerns in applications, saving resources and time.

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