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Senior Cyber Security Experts in the U.S Are More Confident of Automation Excellence

Trends indicate that automation is being incorporated heavily across enterprises irrespective of the domain in countries such as the U.K., U.S., and Australia. In addition, several senior Cyber security experts have expressed confidence in automation over the previous year. 

Automation is essential for the current cybersecurity industry. Today’s cyber attacks are highly evolved and are becoming heavily automated. So, automation is being increasingly relied upon to reduce the inflow of cyber threats. In addition, faster prevention is enabled with a proper automation strategy. 

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By automating security operations, an enterprise’s incident response is improved substantially. You are able to prioritize threats and deal with some Cyber-attacks in such a way that no human intervention is involved. The lack of human intervention hints at the possibility of less reaction time and zero human errors. 

Despite the positive response by the top executives, the automation is yet to be fully functional from an enterprise’s point of view as several challenges remain. The coming years are expected to be crucial now that the top executives have expressed confidence in implementing automated cyber attack protection.

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Technology complexity, a significant talent gap, and an absence of management buy-in are, so far, the most critical challenges observed in the process of automation.

An automated platform analyzes data microscopically. The results of the actions include turning unidentified threats into known threats. An attack DNA is empowered along with an automation-enabled cyber security strategy. 


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