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Several Enterprises in Latin America Are Impacted by Russian Attacks

For the last few months, western leaders have constantly been giving warnings about the potential impacts of the ongoing military conflicts in Ukraine on other parts of the world. Several Latin American countries have indeed begun to feel an effect as cyber security is under constant threat. The governing bodies also handle the impact of the ever-increasing attack on cyber security.

The vulnerability of the situation has made cybercrime groups relatively more robust. It appears that cybercrime groups have been redefining their potential targets.

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As per reports, several countries faced the wrath of the Russian -origin or Russian-speaking cybercriminals. The notable countries were Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica. Furthermore, it is to be noted that these countries have publicly expressed their displeasure over the recent attacks by Russia on Ukraine. So, it could be assumed that these countries have been definite targets. Furthermore, some of these nations have also voted against the government in the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The severity of the cyber attack was such that Costa Rica had to declare a national emergency after a cyber attack termed by the government as ‘Cyber-terrorism.’

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Most of these enterprises targeted by these groups have been the victims of compromised credentials besides session cookies. These were achieved through phishing attacks. Credential phishing has been a persisting problem that could theoretically influence any enterprise irrespective of security measures.

These attacks emphasize the need to enhance cyber protection methods for these nations. The workforce must be given thorough guidance, and adequate steps must be taken to tackle the present-day advanced cyber criminals.

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