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Shortage of Professional Expertise in the US Cyber Security Is A Big Hurdle

The American Cyber Security Space is facing unexpected scenarios. The apparent reason is covid-19 and the associated challenges. Covid-19 has managed to alter the existing ways of the cybersecurity world successfully. With new challenges arose the need for innovative solutions. Security experts are reeling under pressure to outperform themselves. These challenges are likely to extend into 2022 as well. The effects of covid-19 are going to extend into next year as well.

A range of innovative and constantly evolving threats puts the cyber security industry on high alert. Sophisticated cyber threats are able to penetrate even the most modern cyber security solutions. Today’s attackers are equally tech-savvy and are able to use the latest technologies.

The scenario is quite challenging. However, amidst these challenges, the apparent lack of professional expertise appears to be bothering the industry. The need to find expert professionals applies to all levels of the cyber security industry, be it entry-level, middle level, or expert level.

Experts warn that there is a severe shortage of cybersecurity experts, and everybody part of the industry is at risk. In addition, the availability of bankable security experts is less, and the competition for security services has severely increased.

As the attempts towards filling the gap of cybersecurity needs continue across all levels, it is to be noted that failure to address the gap immediately may lead to about a 20 % to 30% annual increase in the labor gap. Cybersecurity talent has never been urgent like this as more workforces continue to function remotely throughout the year.

Overall, there is a shortage of resources as well. Sometimes, it may take weeks or months to fill a position.

In many cases, the existing workforce is often over-exhausted and is not able to cope with the demanding situation. And there is often a reliance on inefficient talent and less experienced people. In addition, reliance on technology is more needed than ever, and there is no good talent to leverage and implement these technologies.

All in all, the cyber security industry needs to spend sufficient time and resources on identifying, finding, and retaining experts across all levels.

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