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Smart Routing System: Pioneering Safety and Security Solutions for Tomorrow's Generation


Founder & CEO

This visionary company, under the guidance of its CEO, Mr. Osaro Godwin Edosomwan, has dedicated itself to advancing security technology, with a primary focus on educational institutions.

In the domain of cutting-edge technological solutions, Smart Routing System emerges as a beacon of innovation and safety. This visionary company, under the guidance of its CEO, Mr. Osaro Godwin Edosomwan, has dedicated itself to advancing security technology, with a primary focus on educational institutions.
Smart Routing System’s suite of solutions encompasses an array of groundbreaking features designed to ensure the safety and well-being of students. At the heart of the company’s offerings is its proprietary Facial Recognition System, which is a technological marvel. This system provides a reliable and secure method for verifying students’ attendance.

The Power of Facial Recognition: Ensuring Student Safety

Upon a student’s arrival at school, the Facial Recognition System swiftly and accurately identifies the individual, sending an SMS notification to both parents, reassuring them that their child has safely reached school. Furthermore, when it’s time to depart, another SMS alert is issued, confirming the child’s safe exit from the premises.
“A smart routing system is a technology company that currently focus right now on security. And we have um technology ranges from facial recognition to package identification. So, we have a system in Nigeria currently with the hatch situation, crime rates, kidnap, and all that. So, we have solutions for primary and secondary schools.
What we do is that when the child gets to school, we get a facial recognition to send SMS to the parents, both husband and wife, that your child just go to school at the time.” says Osaro.

Barcode Identification: A Budget-Friendly Security Alternative

In its quest to cater to a wider range of educational institutions, Smart Routing System has developed an ingenious Barcode Identification System. This system, while equally reliable, offers an affordable alternative for schools with budgetary constraints. The barcode is meticulously printed on fabric, which is then sewn onto the student’s uniform. By merely scanning this barcode upon arrival and departure, parents receive immediate SMS notifications, offering them real-time insights into their child’s movements.
“So, if we have 10 schools in the area, we can only afford two schools that can only afford our system. So, we came up with the barcode identification system,” continues Osaro.

Enhancing Security Protocols for Pickup and Drop-off

In an effort to bolster security during the critical handover phase, the Pickup System has been meticulously crafted. Parents can designate authorized individuals for collecting their children. Upon scanning their fingerprints, these designated individuals are promptly identified and granted access to pick up the child. Once the pickup is completed, parents receive SMS alerts, further enhancing the security protocol.
Smart Routing System’s underlying technology integrates these innovative solutions. The Facial Recognition System stands as the choice for higher-end schools, delivering comprehensive tracking capabilities and bolstered security measures. The Barcode Identification System caters to budget-conscious institutions, maintaining the utmost priority in keeping parents informed about their children’s safety.

Smart Routing System’s Vision: Expanding Across Continents

Looking ahead to the future, Smart Routing System has an ambitious vision. Over the next 10 to 12 months, the company plans to expand its footprint beyond the borders of Nigeria, aiming for a broader presence across Africa, with potential ventures into the Middle East. The company’s commitment extends to adapt its technology to various sectors, including universities, estates, churches, and government entities. Smart Routing System’s dedication to enhancing security through Facial Recognition, Barcode Systems, and other cutting-edge technologies is primed to play a pivotal role in these forthcoming expansions.
Smart Routing System serves a diverse clientele, spanning educational institutions, corporate entities, government sectors, and a myriad of other industries. While their primary focus lies in the education sector, the company’s solutions are widely applicable to numerous domains, ensuring the safety and security of individuals across various industries.
Smart Routing System is not just a technology company; it is a visionary enterprise with a mission to reshape safety and security standards. Their unwavering dedication to innovation, propelled by their state-of-the-art technologies, is indicative of a bright and secure future for students and communities. In the world of security solutions, Smart Routing System stands as a formidable force, setting a precedent for the future.