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Some Cyber Security Researchers Need to Upgrade Physical Security

Cyber security researchers are forced to implement strengthened physical security as it is not uncommon for them to face life threats. In addition, some of the investigations into cyber crimes may lead to high-level threats that involve underground forums or other criminals. 

Several cyber security researchers have faced such threats, which forced them to consider other career options or move to other locations. In addition, potential threats to their families are a deterrent to continuing in this field. 

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Surprisingly, cyber experts who secure several networks only sometimes receive fast and timely protection. In some cases, legal protection is often delayed. Some cyber experts have expressed concerns over the relatively slow-paced investigation or arrests in cases of threats from cyber criminals. There has been a surge in the number of cyber threats in the recent past. The nature and enormity of the crimes have increased as well. Nowadays, cybercriminals are pervading various other sectors. Therefore, as a direct consequence, the nature of the job turns significantly dangerous.

Cyber experts have a few methods of protecting themselves, like using post-boxes instead of addresses, reducing their digital presence, not acting impulsively with others, and conducting detailed background checks on people trying to contact them.

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In 2022, the number of ransomware threats will be higher than ever. Additionally, the average payment is more than $900,000. Investigations into some of the cyber threats confirm that the attackers were well-planned. They have executed a complex operation to collect every family member’s whereabouts and tried to get help from underground forums to execute their plans.

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