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Space Could be An Easy Target for Cyber Criminals, Indicate Studies

Both the public and private cyber security sectors have begun attempts to tackle cybersecurity in the context of space technologies. Experts say the possibilities of space being the next target for cyber security are endless. Maybe in 2022, cyber-attacks against space technologies may assume more significance than ever.

Satellites often transmit highly sensitive data from and to earth, making them a prospective target for cyber hackers, especially the ground station facilities.

Making space communications and infrastructure highly safe requires new investments, partnerships, and innovative thinking in the cyber security industry.

Hackers could easily penetrate earth-based space systems and provide wrong information to satellites. Wrong communication may cause an inter-space Collision. As a result, major communication systems across the globe may be affected, causing a leak of critical communication data.

Also, more and more big players are getting involved in space technologies, contrary to the days when NASA used to be the major player. On the one hand, an abundance of contributing entities leads to increased opportunities in space technologies. On the other, vulnerability to cyber threats seems to be on the rise. Cyber attackers will now have more opportunities to target owing to the abundance of players in outer space technology.

Governments and companies across industries are now taking a forward-thinking approach towards emerging cybersecurity threats to communications, software, and space equipment.

The existing cyber security standards may require a thorough revision to cope with the changed requirements of the cyber security system.

More efforts are required from international bodies and governments to implement robust and universal standards for hacker-proofing techniques along the overall space supply chain.

In a nutshell, the task of protecting space technology from hackers is complicated but not impossible. By focusing more on public-private partnerships with the aim of developing innovative and universal cyber technologies, it is easy to safeguard space technologies from potential cyber-attacks.

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