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SS&C Intralinks: Establishing Trust Across Industries and Geographies with Unmatched Data Security in Financial Transactions


Senior Director, SS&C Intralinks

“As we seek new opportunities to build upon our diverse portfolio, one thing remains clear — data security and privacy will remain the foundational bedrock in all that we do,”

Developing a portfolio of industry leading fintech solutions can be a complex affair, requiring a perfect blend of expertise and knowledge, combined with the right approach and a relentless drive to innovate. At every step, data handlers must ensure privacy and security. With the looming threat of data breaches continuing to grow, protecting the confidentiality of data within a financial transaction remains an essential and primary focus. More than ever, companies are demanding world-class technology solutions that offer a delightful user experience along with unparalleled security. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that SS&C Intralinks is the first choice for global banking, dealmaking and capital markets professionals. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, Intralinks is owned by SS&C Technologies, a leading international provider of services and software for the financial and healthcare sectors. Founded in 1986, SS&C is based in Windsor, Connecticut and has offices around the world.

“The Intralinks platform secures customer privacy data while automating and streamlining their business processes. Consequently, our clients can easily gain efficiency and save time,” explains Kallappa D. Ambi, senior director, compliance (security & privacy). “Our holistic, multichannel approach includes dedicated security teams and follows compliance best practices that extend across the entire Intralinks ecosystem, including all people, processes, policies and supporting infrastructure.” Winner of the 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award for Data Protection, Intralinks has been instrumental in successfully implementing the practical processes of Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). Data privacy built into the Intralinks platform ensures the adoption of standards-based application-level encryption along with native information rights management (IRM) technologies.

Additionally, Intralinks has established Distributed Content NodesTM (DCN) in the U.K., Germany, Japan and Australia to ensure data sovereignty and deliver confidence to all their customers across the globe. The Intralinks platform delivers rock-solid levels of data privacy protection for customers, while automating business processes, allowing for trustworthy and effective privacy management processes and principles to be implemented. Further, clients have been able to conduct proper and timely assessments of data security controls by performing penetration tests and regular audits. Rather than simply being bolted on, security is built into the fabric of the Intralinks business, spanning technology, infrastructure, people and process. This approach ensures that customers always stay compliant — even with the most stringent privacy requirements.


While security is vital, at Intralinks it’s about offering customers something even more — trust. With 6.6MM registered users, 10,000+ deals closed each year and over $34.7 trillion of financial transactions conducted on the platform to date, it’s clear that Intralinks has successfully established an enviable level of trust with their client base. In fact, 93% of dealmakers polled in a recent survey stated that there is no other virtual data room (VDR) provider their organization trusts more than Intralinks when it comes to keeping deal data safe. Demonstrating transparency is an important component of building trust. To date, over 3,400 security audits have been completed by customers covering physical data centers, source code, security and privacy procedures, applications and human resource management. Building on this layer of transparency, Intralinks security controls have been subjected to strict verification by reputable third-party auditors. As a result, the company has earned ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications across geographies where they do business. Kallappa explained, “Among our key competitors, we’re the first — and currently the only — provider to attain ISO 27701 data privacy certification.” Kallappa continued, “Our clients can even request audits/penetration tests, proving our commitment to the highest security standards. We’re not aware of any other competitor of ours that offers this level of flexibility and transparency.”


With a legacy of success, a proven suite of products and an established base of customers, Intralinks continues to find new ways to evolve as it looks eagerly toward the future. Above all else, Kallappa explains that building and maintaining customer trust will continue to be a core tenet for Intralinks in driving long-term growth. “As we seek new opportunities to build upon our diverse portfolio, one thing remains clear — data security and privacy will remain the foundational bedrock in all that we do,” concludes Kallappa.