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Storage Security Is Not Always Taken Care of, Says Experts

Network security is at the top of every organization’s priority list. But is storage security given equal preference? Perhaps, not. Inform industry observers.

All organizations are not making consistent and effective efforts to ensure the security of their data. In an era where cyber-attacks are prevalent, it is essential to consider and take adequate actions for providing data back-up which is air-gapped. Air-gapping refers to an ‘accessible standing computer’ irrespective of any connection to any computer.

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Storage security tools mature on a daily basis. As these tools evolve, enterprises are proactively working to ensure the deployment of storage products with advanced security capabilities which complement a more comprehensive range of enterprise security initiatives—wider adoption of zero-trust network access to safeguard enterprise data.

Storage is where data is stored. It is also where applications and users interact indirectly or directly with the stored data. Therefore, there has to be a practical storage security strategy in place. Only such a system will help prevent unwanted access to underlying storage systems.

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When an enterprise is attacked, be it a minor or a major attack, storage security is often the last layer of attack. That’s why storage security becomes even more critical for today’s scenario. Also, storage security management is much more comprehensive in scope and goes beyond protecting the drives themselves. Every attack vector has to be considered in the overall process of ensuring storage security, which could lead to hacked storage systems and data leaks.

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