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SysGen: SysGen’s Symphony of Cybersecurity Excellence

Ryan Richardet

President & CEO

SysGen’s distinctive business model revolves around such a holistic approach to cybersecurity, underpinned by the three pillars of People, Policy, and Technology

Cybersecurity is an undeniable imperative in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. Increasing digital dependency and interconnectedness underscore the importance of safeguarding sensitive data, intellectual property, and personal information. Thus, cybersecurity is a critical component for maintaining trust, continuity, and the integrity of our digital endeavors.

SysGen’s distinctive business model revolves around such a holistic approach to cybersecurity, underpinned by the three pillars of People, Policy, and Technology. This innovative methodology acknowledges the multifaceted challenges businesses face in today’s cyber landscape, paving the way for a comprehensive and proactive approach to protection. “At SysGen, we work to address cybersecurity issues holistically. Our three pillars of cybersecurity, People, Policy, and Technology, intersect to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Our managed cybersecurity services, Enhanced Service Services (ESS), are critical to our client’s protection and safety amidst the changing cybersecurity landscape.,” informed Mr. Ryan Richardet, President & CEO, of SysGen.

Since its inception in 1995, SysGen has been a pioneering force in the realm of strategic IT services, specializing in cybersecurity solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, SysGen has established itself as one of Western Canada’s most esteemed IT providers, serving a diverse clientele across a multitude of industries.

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Calgary, SysGen’s influence spans far and wide with offices strategically situated in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Vernon. Bolstered by a dedicated team of over 115 professionals, SysGen takes pride in delivering unparalleled customer service, comprehensive network support, and innovative business IT solutions that drive optimum network performance.

The cybersecurity landscape is fraught with challenges, and SysGen is resolute in its mission to confront them head-on. As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, SysGen recognizes the critical role of education in safeguarding against targeted attacks. The People pillar takes center stage, with SysGen conducting rigorous training and spear-phishing simulations to bolster users’ resilience and awareness.

Policy development and enforcement form another cornerstone of SysGen’s cybersecurity arsenal. The Policy pillar, intertwined with People and Technology, reinforces the importance of robust policies in mitigating liability and reducing risk. SysGen leverages this trifecta to construct an impenetrable line of defense.

Elevating Cybersecurity Preparedness:

In an age when cyberattacks can strike at any moment, SysGen champions the concept of Managed Detection Response (MDR). This 24/7 real-time monitoring solution ensures relentless vigilance against threats, offering businesses uninterrupted oversight and protection. Where SysGen truly distinguishes itself is in its commitment to managed cybersecurity services. While technology is integral, SysGen’s approach extends beyond tools, encapsulating ongoing management and support. This unique amalgamation fortifies a business’s IT environment, rendering it proactive and resilient in the face of evolving threats.

SysGen’s journey knows no bounds, as the company continually explores avenues for growth and innovation. Notably, SysGen envisions a groundbreaking partnership between managed services providers, insurance companies, and businesses in the cybersecurity insurance space. This visionary endeavor aligns seamlessly with SysGen’s Policy pillar, culminating in a harmonious fusion of proactive policies and comprehensive insurance coverage.

SysGen’s Trailblazing Achievements:

At the heart of SysGen’s remarkable journey is the visionary leadership of Ryan Richardet, the esteemed President & CEO. Under his guidance, SysGen has garnered prestigious accolades that reflect the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence. This year, 2023, witnessed SysGen’s triumphant inclusion in the esteemed Channel Futures MSP 501 list, a testament to its prowess as a leading Managed Service Provider. In 2022, SysGen’s dedication to fostering a remarkable workplace culture was celebrated as it earned the distinction of being one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers. 

Not stopping there, SysGen’s sterling reputation extended across national borders, earning it a coveted spot among Canada’s Top 100 Small to Medium Business Providers. The Globe & Mail recognized SysGen’s exceptional growth trajectory, naming it as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022. These accolades stand as a testament to SysGen’s indomitable spirit and unflinching dedication to redefining the landscape of IT services and cybersecurity. In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, SysGen combines expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to redefining the cybersecurity landscape for businesses. Today, SysGen has over 120 employees and is headquartered in Calgary with branches in Edmonton, Red Deer, and the Okanagan.