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Tackling Insider Threats Is Now A Priority for Firms, Endpoint Security Turns Crucial

The increase in the number of insider threats has forced enterprises to focus more on countering them by safeguarding endpoints. Enterprises agree that employees can be the source of significant breaches, knowingly or unknowingly.

Insider threats are the worst to tackle, as here the enterprise is tackling a purportedly authorized breach of its critical information which somehow turns out to be dangerously compromising. That’s why endpoint security assumes immense significance here. It is now evident that any enterprise that cannot ensure endpoint security won’t be effective in dealing with cybersecurity breaches.

The insider threat landscape is growing steadily. The increase in the number of incidents is proof. The scenario makes it inevitable for firms to become increasingly alert.

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Insiders have precise information about sensitive data sources within an enterprise and sometimes enjoy easy access.

Moreover, it is not always easy to distinguish between an insider’s regular and malicious activity.

Further, remote work is opening innovative insider security threats, and enterprises struggle to predict, tackle and keep up with these new threats.

Unintentional insider threats are also being reported across enterprises belonging to various sectors. Carried out without any malicious intentions, these threats can still be equally disastrous in nature.

Enterprises are exploring how endpoint protection can assist in mitigating the probability of insider security threats.

Endpoint security empowers IT teams to request connecting devices to associate with them somehow. As a result, it is easy to track who registered what devices, from which location, and for what purposes.

Secondly, endpoint security is also about creating machine identities for all the devices where baselines can be made. Any violation in its baseline behaviour automatically leads to alerts. This will further pave the way for a thorough investigation.

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