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The C2 Framework Is Now Widely in Use by Hackers

Recent statistics say that the C2 Framework is now used heavily by hackers. The C2 Silver Command and Control Framework is now the favorite of cyber hackers. The C2 has replaced the ‘Cobalt Strike.’

Earlier, the Cobalt Strike was part of intrusion methods by hackers. However, the constant use of the platform through the years led Cyber security experts to focus more on it and develop practical cyber security actions against it. That’s why the C &C Framework surfaced as an attractive alternative.

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With easy defensive mechanisms available against the Cobalt Strike, the new hacking methods required a less popular tool. With low barriers to entry, the C2 was perhaps the best choice.

The C2 is not very old, and it was made available in 2019 by BishopFox, a cyber security firm.

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The C2, Command and control infrastructure, is used extensively by cyber hackers as a set of techniques and tools for maintaining communication with the hacked devices, especially during the days of initial exploitation.

The C2 also supports custom implant generation, user-developed extensions, and other commandeering aspects.

A C2 framework usually includes a server that accepts connections from implants on a compromised system, and a client application that allows the C2 operators to interact with the implants and launch malicious commands”, informs Microsoft.

C2, as a freely available tool, reduces the possibility of exposure by hackers in case of a compromise.

However, C2 is not the only one used for malicious attacks. Yet, the use of new platforms indicates that cyber hackers are aware of what’s happening and are constantly updating themselves.

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