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The Changing Role of CISOs from A 2023 Perspective

The CISO functions typically include designing and directing a cyber security strategy and framework that perfectly harmonizes with the organizational requirements.

The CISO reports to the CIO in a conventional corporate organization

Yet, more Fortune 500 organizations recently elevated the CISO to the level of the CIO. Besides this, the role of CISOs has been changing strategically as well. Today’s CISOs are an inevitable part of the decision-making process.

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The current year will see more changes in the role of CISOs. The CISO’s responsibilities now extend beyond only defending the company from online threats. 

 CISOs have excellent access within a business but also face a lot of pressure because cybersecurity is still a topic of debate at the board level and because the risk associated with it is rising.

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Furthermore, CISOs are increasingly frequently charged with creating and implementing security plans for the entire company, not just the IT division. As a result, the CISO’s position has changed in recent years, moving away from an operations focus and toward a strategic one. The increased pressure on CISOs to defend businesses from online attacks is the culprit here. 


Knowledge in diverse areas is required to survive as a CISO in today’s competitive business landscape. The CISO’s involvement in conveying security threats and strategies to stakeholders is crucial in addition to technical responsibilities.

The other responsibility is to ensure security is combined into all facets of the enterprise. Finally, establishing proper coordination is another responsibility.

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