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The Exterro FTK Connect Digital Forensic Tool Is Now Available with New Features

Exterro has added new features to its FTK Connect digital forensic tool. The Portland, Oregon-based firm said the tool is now available with improved orchestration, automation, and integration abilities. Enterprises leverage FTK Connect to streamline investigations into security breaches or incident response management.

FTK Connect turns crucial for incident response approaches as it combines innovative automation abilities while conducting forensic investigations, securing corporate assets, and incident response workflows.

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The company adds that it will continue to invest in the FTK product line as there are plans for a future IPO.

Additionally, the FTK tool enables SOAR and SIEM platforms, including Palo Alto or Splunk, to be automatically integrated with the FTK product line so that pieces of evidence gathered post an intrusion are instantly preserved upon detection of an intrusion. Throughout the process, no human interaction is required.

“By utilizing FTK Connect automation, law enforcement agencies can perform forensic workflows much faster and make better use of their existing hardware and software investments by putting them to use when users aren’t there. Scheduling the automation outside office hours utilizes the 16 hours of the day from the time when an investigator leaves work to when they arrive the next morning, which were previously wasted.” Informs Harsh Behl, Director, Product Management, Exterro.

The other critical feature of the FTK tool is its simplified drag and drop UI (User Interface), which is designed to permit non-programmers to create any case-type automation.

It is critical to integrate digital forensic tools directly with an enterprise’s cyber intrusion tools. Otherwise, the pieces of evidence required to remediate the attack may not be preserved.

The large-scale increase in cyber-attacks has made the entire cyberspace highly vulnerable to breaches. Therefore, innovative methods are key and inevitable. Nowadays, enterprises rely more on digital forensics to identify the possibilities of breaches and later while conducting an inquiry.

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