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There is A New Interest in Neurodivergent Talent with respect to Addressing Cyber Security Skills Gap

The dilemma of filling vacant positions in the cyber security industry doesn’t seem to end. Industry experts have long been in the process of hiring the right talent. According to statistics, the available openings in the cyber security industry will be over three million within about 3 to 4 years.

This is quite a significant move amidst the efforts by the tech industry to promote lateral thinking and alternative methods of working to ensure enough talent. And cyber security is perhaps in urgent need of such talent.

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However, considering neurodivergent talent, most experts tend to overlook this aspect. They may be justified to an extent in their approach as neurodiverse experts, i.e., people with certain conditions like dyslexia, autism, and similar elements can be the source of skills that today’s cyber security world requires. But, they may not be capable of covering huge textbooks and earning cyber security certifications.

The recent interest in neurodivergent talent is fuelled by the urgency of the situation in the industry. Unfortunately, despite industry-wide attempts, the talent shortage continues to daunt the sector.

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While the drive to find neurodivergent talent is yet to gain momentum, hiring managers are changing their outlook. The new approach is based on the thinking that neurological differences such as autism/ADHD are to be viewed as normal variations in human genes. And instead of focusing on their lack of talent, we need to think of different ways in which the hidden talent in them can be identified, rekindled, and diverted in various directions.

Nevertheless, neurodiverse talent is still mostly untapped. However, industry observers are of the opinion that this may change soon, and cybersecurity will be crucial in the process.

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