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This Year Is Expected to Witness Around 6 Billion Phishing Attacks.

Phishing attacks have been rampant in recent times. Last year, around 83% of enterprises were victims of at least one phishing attack. Evidently, phishing is a persistent threat to the cyber world. This year is hardly different, with around six billion such attacks expected to happen. 

Undoubtedly, online phishing scams are causing significant damage to enterprises worldwide. The security landscape is altering, and staying on top of industry trends and developments is more than mandatory. Almost all of the plans, discussions, and suggestions on phishing scams revolve around adopting a robust strategy against such scams and adhering to them. 

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Recent phishing attacks vary in nature, and typical examples include deceptive phishing, vishing, and spear phishing. Phishing attacks can be costlier than an organization could imagine. Mainly, they focus on gaining access to networks, stealing information, or causing the malware to infect systems. Experts are confident that phishing scams will not reduce in the coming years, and the entire industry must constantly deal with the consequences it brings. 

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On average, enterprises have to bear huge losses costing about $4.65 million. Further, phishing breaches take about 213 days to be recognized and nearly 80 days to be mitigated. As a result, it takes around 290 days to deal effectively with a phishing attack. 

Here are some practices to prevent and effectively deal with phishing attacks

  • Not responding to every mail that you get
  • Creating awareness of malicious threats among the workforce and wherever necessary
  • Rechecking any suspicious mail or any mail that appears to be a scam, and
  • Constantly update your password

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