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Top 10 Advanced Security Management Solution Providers 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital fortification, our attention turns to the vanguards of security—the Advanced Security Management Solution Providers featured in this edition. In an era where the interconnected threads of our digital existence require unparalleled protection, these visionary companies stand as architects of resilience, reshaping the future of security and safeguarding our digital horizons.

In the swift evolution of security management, the significance of these solution providers cannot be overstated. They play a pivotal role, offering cutting-edge technologies that not only shield against cyber threats but also empower organizations to navigate the complexities of an ever-expanding digital frontier.

Trends in advanced security management are shaping the contours of digital defense. From advancements in threat intelligence to innovations in real-time monitoring, the industry stands at the forefront of a technological renaissance. As you explore the pages ahead, anticipate insights into the latest trends that promise to redefine how we approach and maintain the security of our digital identities.

This edition is not only a record of technological advancement but also of our common dedication to digital resilience. The Advanced Security Management Solution Providers featured here embody the spirit of innovation, reminding us that the power to secure our digital tomorrow lies not only in our hands but in the solutions, we choose to embrace.

BCN Telecom is a communications technology company that provides network and technology solutions to businesses. They offer a variety of services, including cloud managed voice, security, and communications technology. BCN Telecom is committed to providing their customers with a white-glove experience.

QuSecure is a company that provides cybersecurity solutions that are resistant to both classical and quantum threats. They offer a product called QuProtect™ that can be deployed in less than an hour and does not require any cryptographic inventory or discovery. QuProtect™ is designed to protect against current and emerging threats, including those from artificial intelligence and quantum computing. QuSecure has a team of experts in various industries, including banking and finance, critical infrastructure, and federal operations. They also have partnerships with companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cisco.

Quantil helps deliver content to users around the world with high speed, performance, and availability. They offer a variety of solutions, including live video streaming, video on demand, high-speed data transfer, and website acceleration. Quantil has a global network of points of presence and their services are used by many large companies, such as Microsoft, Valve, and

Retail Tech Solutions LLC provides a variety of security and technology solutions for small businesses, including surveillance systems, point of-sale systems, computer networking, audio systems, ATMs, and monitoring solutions.

CloudForti is a Managed Cloud Service Provider that helps businesses migrate to the cloud and optimize their cloud costs. They offer a variety of services, including cloud migration, disaster recovery, application development, and cloud cost savings and optimization. CloudForti is an AWS Certified Partner and has a team of over 15 certified professionals. They have helped over 150 businesses complete cloud projects and have reduced their clients’ total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 80%.

Toshiba Tec UK is a company that provides workplace solutions, including managed print services, barcode printing solutions, process optimization, visual communications, and managed IT services. They also sell MFPs, printers, print management software, barcode/label printers, barcode/label software, process optimization software, displays, and signage solutions.

Joust Security specializes in providing advanced information security services and performing customized assessments for corporate clients of all sizes. They offer a variety of services, including penetration testing, risk assessments, security architecture, and security training. Joust Security is also a Canadian company with a strong focus on data residency and privacy.

Matrix Data Solutions is an international provider of IT consulting services and tailor made software development. They offer services in business analytics, cloud solutions, cyber security, financial services, human capital, and market analytics. They have experience working with large and mid-sized companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, real estate, telecommunications, and automobiles.

NVOY Technologies provides IT support and services to fast-growing companies with hybrid workforces. They offer a range of services, including managed IT support, managed IT security, professional services, and hardware and software supply. NVOY Technologies also has a team of experts who can help businesses with onboarding new employees and offboarding leavers.

OpenSynergy develops embedded software products for the automotive industry. Their products include the COQOS Hypervisor SDK, which is a virtual platform that supports the open virtualization standard VIRTIO, and the Blue SDK, which is a Bluetooth® stack.