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Top 10 Corporate Entity Management Solution Providers 2022

Entity management is a complicated system incorporating numerous individuals and procedures for each entity. Several aspects get involved in the process. Entity management solutions are integral for the present cyber security sector. Enterprises change, technical landscapes change, and change is an integral aspect of the cybersecurity industry. The need for high-quality entity management software also evolves constantly. The best entity management business will be at the forefront of security. To ensure maximum security for your data and shared files, they will employ a cutting-edge cloudbased platform. Globalization and technological advancements produce a strong demand for real-time data and increased levels of transparency.

Today’s enterprises demand enhanced security, automation, and specifications. These features are inevitable for any enterprise to stay on top of things. A conventional or ordinary SCA tool cannot guarantee these desired results. The highly complex cyber landscape will constantly face complications. Many enterprises rely on highly comprehensive entity management software. The software needs to show adherence to legislative and regulatory changes taking place in the sector. All efforts are in vain without a technically correct corporate entity management tool. However, finding an ideal solution is an extensive and time-consuming process. To help you in the process, our team of experts has finalized a list of the top 10 corporate entity management solution providers.

A data privacy management solution is a comprehensive system designed to protect and manage sensitive information within organizations. It encompasses a range of tools, policies, and practices aimed at ensuring the privacy and security of data throughout its lifecycle. Such a solution includes features like data classification, encryption, access controls, and user authentication to safeguard information from unauthorized access or breaches. It enables organizations to establish and enforce privacy policies, monitor data usage, and comply with relevant regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA. With a data privacy management solution, organizations can track and audit data activities, identify potential risks, and implement necessary measures to mitigate them.

It provides transparency and accountability, allowing businesses to build trust with customers and partners. Additionally, these solutions facilitate data subject rights management, enabling individuals to exercise control over their personal information and manage consent preferences. In an increasingly datadriven world, a robust data privacy management solution is crucial for organizations to protect sensitive data, maintain compliance, and uphold the privacy rights of individuals.

Diligent is a leading provider of modern governance solutions, empowering boards and executives with the tools they need to drive effective governance practices. Their comprehensive suite of software solutions helps organizations streamline board meetings, manage compliance, and enhance collaboration for better decision-making.

An internationally diversified Company, Corporatek is dedicated to offering its clients powerful corporate professional productivity software tools as well as sound and robust consulting, engineering, systems integration and turnkey telecommunications and computer systems solutions to the government sector.

ViewPoint is a reputable provider of software solutions for construction project management and collaboration. Their platform offers tools for document management, communication, and project tracking, enabling teams to streamline processes, improve productivity, and deliver projects more efficiently

Vistra is a global corporate service provider offering a wide range of solutions, including corporate governance, company formation, accounting, and compliance services. With their extensive expertise and international presence, Vistra helps businesses navigate complex regulatory landscapes and optimize their operations worldwide.

ContractZen is a cloud-based contract management platform that simplifies the process of creating, organizing, and securely storing contracts and related documents. It offers features such as e-signatures, advanced search functionality, and smart metadata extraction, making contract management more efficient and ensuring better compliance.

WealthWorks+ gives you total control of how and where you access and manage your clients’ wealth. Our flexible solution is easily customised to fit the needs of any size organisation and the cutting-edge design means the system will always stay up to date with the latest advancements so you can have confidence that your software will always be state-of-the-art.

ScanMarket is a leading provider of strategic sourcing and supplier management solutions, helping organizations optimize their procurement processes and drive cost savings. Their cloud-based platform offers tools for eSourcing, supplier discovery, contract management, and supplier performance evaluation.

Scanovate is an innovative technology company specializing in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions. Their platform offers secure and seamless processes for document scanning, facial recognition, and data extraction, enabling organizations to streamline customer onboarding, KYC compliance, and fraud prevention.

Intertrust Group is a global leader in providing trust and corporate services, fund administration, and capital market solutions. With their expertise in managing complex regulatory requirements, Intertrust helps businesses navigate international markets and optimize their operations while ensuring compliance and efficient governance. is the website of ZETVISIONS AG, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for master data and document management. Their solutions help organizations streamline data processes, improve data quality, and enhance efficiency in areas such as product data management, customer data management, and document lifecycle management.