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Top 10 Cyber Security (Canada) Solution Providers 2023

The cyber world is looking forward to the latest trends in the Canadian cybersecurity industry. The market size is expected to reach about 19.67 billion by 2028. The expected CAGR is 10.99%. The market is surviving on critical trends such as increasing orientation toward digitization in both the public and private domains. There are innovative reforms to secure the operations and the massive volumes of data. The cyber landscape in Canada is no different from the rest of the world from a cyber security point of view. Cyber attacks are on the rise. Cyber criminals are growing increasingly complex and sophisticated. IT experts face the need to constantly innovate and introduce cyber solutions. It won’t take much time for a new solution to be termed obsolete.

More and more companies are showing interest in extending cyber security as a service. The ongoing efforts toward strengthening the Canadian network security sector are commendable. The opportunities are aplenty. Yet, the market suffers from the absence of skilled professionals in cyber security. The constant need for specific solutions is another challenge. The Cyber Centre in the country is working hard to improve cyber security capabilities across Canada in cooperation with business, academia, and all levels of government.

The Canada Cybersecurity Market is changing as a result of rising digitization trends in many corporate and governmental sectors. As a result of escalating cyber-attacks, new laws to protect data and operations are influencing the industry, pushing more enterprises to offer cybersecurity-as-aservice. Canada is also accepting new technology such as 5G. However, cyber threats never cease to bother IT experts. At the core of these trends are some companies. The list here includes some of the enterprises spearheading the evolving Canadian cybersecurity market.

Cyber Unit extends IT services with a unique focus on cyber security. The firm caters to growing and small businesses. The focus is on mobile security, network security, email security, computer security, and awareness.

StreamSCan extends new-gen cyber security solutions. The cyber security expertise extended by the firm can be availed by enterprises of all sizes.

Packetlabs Ltd. is a cybersecurity company based in Mississauga, Canada that was created in 2011. They provide cybersecurity solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to huge corporations in the industries of advertising, education, and financial services.

BlackBerry cybersecurity uses predictive artificial intelligence (AI) to block the execution of previously unknown, known, and bespoke malware and payloads—no signatures required. The enterprise aims to refine its approach to cyber security.

SysGen Cyber Security is finding increased popularity among SMBs. The cyber security strategy focuses on people, policy and technology and is backed by Microsoft.

CyberHunter Solutions Inc. is a Toronto-based cybersecurity corporation with locations in New York and Ottawa, Canada. Established in 2016. The firm offers cybersecurity solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries, including IT, business services, and financial services.

Akimbo Technologies Inc. is a vibrant Canadian start-up focused on developing breakthrough cybersecurity solutions. The company has created an intrusion-resistant technology that uses its proprietary Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing (FTDC) to detect, rectify, and HEAL cyberattacks in real-time. is an IT services firm founded in 1996. Their staff of over 150 experts is based in Edmonton, Canada, with satellite offices located throughout the country. They are mostly concerned with IT managed services and cybersecurity.

Proofpoint, Inc. has been extending software as a service and tools for email security, data loss prevention, electronic discovery, and email archiving. The firm enjoys a global presence.

TRINUS is a Canadian IT solutions and services firm located in Stony
Plain. Their team offers cloud consulting and SI, IT managed services,
cybersecurity, and IT strategy consulting services.