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Top 10 Data Governance Solution Providers 2023

The abundance of data is the highlighting factor in the contemporary tech world. Yet, not the entire data is sorted always. Presence of unstructured data costs around 12% of an enterprise’s revenue. The data is valuable if sorted properly and analyzed thoroughly.

The scenario tells us why data governance is crucial. Data governance is an extensive concept. The field is constantly evolving. The ways in which data is structured are evolving consistently.

Data governance is becoming a must for organizations in the digital era. It must be utilized by the business. In addition, data governance will continue to advance as new modern tools and technologies are created.

Setting up procedures and regulations to simplify data accessibility, usability, integrity, and security in a cloud computing environment is known as “cloud data governance.”

Data governance is expected to expand, propelled by the incorporation of the latest technologies.

The year 2023 is crucial for the data governance industry. In 2023, businesses will aim to develop their formal Data Management skills around their value as a service. All organizations can then rapidly and flexibly react to an unpredictable business environment.

This edition includes listing of some of the top enterprises extending tailor-made solutions for the contemporary data governance industry.

IBM purchased Bluetab in 2021 as a crucial component of its goal to encourage the shift to cloud-based data solutions and increase client value. The solutions offered by the firm revolve around data privacy, data fabric, and augmented analytics.

More than 35% of all Fortune 100 companies have utilized Alation’s data catalog, making it a significant hub for data-driven innovation. Alation is dedicated to helping organizations create strong data cultures where anybody can find, understand, and trust data.

Enterprise data management is a skill that Infoverity helps its clients develop by utilizing real-time solutions. The consulting and implementation services offered by Infoverity are focused on the full PIM or MDM data-driven solution and strategy.

Metaphor is a social platform for data security and compliance. They offer products and services that help companies manage their data and comply with regulations. Some of the specific products and services they offer include data lineage, data documentation, and data governance.

CTERA helps companies store and manage their data in the cloud. The company’s platform unifies endpoint, branch office and cloud file services. CTERA’s services are used by leading global banks, insurance companies, telecommunications firms, and federal and defense organizations.

Infobelt provides data archiving solutions. They help companies manage their data and comply with regulations. Infobelt’s solutions are used by a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and government.

NextPhase is a data management company that helps other companies improve the quality of their data and automate data initiatives. They do this by providing data operations services, which include data ingestion, data validation, and data transformation. NextPhase also helps companies with data governance and compliance.

LACO provides data strategy, data platform, and data governance services. They have been in business for over 35 years and have a team of over 110 consultants. LACO helps businesses leverage the power of data to navigate the digital realm.

Corebi is a data & analytics company that provides services such as big data, data-driven consulting, and data science. They also offer strategy, design, and consulting services.

The company is dedicated to leveraging ERP applications for optimizing and enhancing customer operations, emphasizing master data excellence. With a wealth of proven methodologies, adept consultants, and tailored products, MIDAS is committed to swiftly delivering sustainable value to its global clientele.