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Top 10 Data Privacy Management Solution Providers 2023

Data Privacy Management plays a significant role in assisting organizations in achieving legal and regulatory compliance. The regulations industry is evolving heavily. The rules and regulations are constantly altering.

Users of data privacy management software may respond to customer or data subject requests, map sensitive data, and administer their company’s privacy program with the help of these complete solutions.

In addition to requiring the protection of data, data privacy, and cybersecurity regulations also impose duties to guarantee the data’s integrity, completeness, and governance—including restricted collection and use, as well as proper preservation and destruction.

Although the correct management of data is important, data privacy also addresses the public’s expectation of privacy, with the person as its central protagonist.

Data privacy is integral for all. There is a constant inflow of data into the cyber world. Sorting the data is inevitable for enterprises of all sizes. The data often contains sensitive and vulnerable information. It is the favorite of online hackers. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to protecting the privacy of data.

The data privacy sector is quite active with an abundance of data privacy solution providers. To assist you in the process of selecting the right solution, we have finalized some of the enterprises providing innovative solutions.

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The platform for managing data privacy ensures sustainable compliance through technology, knowledge, and experience. Organizations may make sure that their processing operations include data protection by design and default from the beginning by using PrivacyEngine’s new Data Protection Impact Assessment function.

The firm makes it possible to Intelligently Map Personal Data with People Data Graph. Further, the firm focuses on preventing identity and PI theft, to confirm the data subject’s identity.

OneTrust is a well-known supplier of technological solutions for privacy, security, and governance. The firm provides a broad range of software tools that assist organizations in adhering to international laws including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and others.

Enzuzo aims to easily manage customer data requests with our DSAR software. Easy compliance with GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and other data privacy laws worldwide are other features.

BigID is a pioneer in data security, privacy, compliance, and governance, empowering businesses to proactively find, manage, safeguard, and maximize the value of their data on a single platform for visibility and control. Customers utilize BigID to automate security and privacy measures.

Utilizing simple-to-use visuals and KPIs, the company makes an attempt to fully comprehend and effectively communicate about privacy risk. It also improves privacy control as well with practical suggestions.

To achieve regulatory compliance and operationalize the complexity of everyday privacy management, TrustArc’s privacy strategy and operations solutions give strategic suggestions. The technology firm TrustArc Inc. is situated in Walnut Creek, California, and specializes in privacy compliance. The business offers services and tools to assist businesses in modernizing their privacy management procedures.

Through automatic data deletions, education, and legal measures, Incogni offers better defense against hackers, shadow profiles, and invasions of privacy. Since people often have many pieces of personal information in these databases, Incogni wants to give back control over data privacy.

By assisting businesses in developing, running, and expanding their privacy program, Osano makes privacy compliance simpler. Also, the firm enables to become GDPR, CPRA, and other regulations compliant.

Kanary searches each website that puts you in danger and removes any superfluous personal data. At rest, every piece of data copied to disk is automatically encrypted.