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Top 10 Data Privacy Solution Providers 2023

Essert – Extending Adaptability Towards Privacy Compliance for Multiple Jurisdictions

The privacy compliance industry shows a significant level of disparity concerning multiple jurisdictions. For example, different regions, say, Virginia, Colorado, California, Utah, Connecticut, New York, and others have rules and regulations that vary slightly in terms of privacy compliance. The industry needs a uniform privacy compliance platform to accommodate the disparity. Essert, a Silicon Valley startup, has successfully managed over a thousand businesses worldwide with respect to compliance operations. Moreover, Essert is the only startup extending a platform-based approach toward privacy compliance, where multiple jurisdictions are managed accurately.

“The next twelve months will be crucial for us. We are confident that within a year, we will onboard more than 20,000 clients on our platform”

The data privacy space faces some urgent challenges: complexity and the need for more expertise. It is now mandatory to go beyond the standard practice of ensuring compliance, by adhering to the predominant rules and regulations, not to incur any fines or face business contractual deadlines. What the industry requires is a unique approach.


Essert understands the need for a unique approach. “We have successfully removed the complexity and added expertise to the platform. To achieve this, we created worklists and apps to accurately address different jurisdictions and regulations. Our worklists provide a step-by-step process and clear-cut instructions. And our apps provide a way to manage operations, evaluate and mitigate risk,” informs DV Dronamraju, Cofounder and CEO, Essert. Currently, the platform has over 1,100 customers. For a platform launched in April 2022, this is an outstanding achievement.

Further, all the tools and software required to carry out the step-by-step process are built into the platform. The step-by-step process covers all aspects such as enterprise policy management, data security controls, auto-triggering security assessments, creating impact assessments, having detailed audit trail, third party risk assessments, privacy request management and more. Fundamentally, the customers receive a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to ensuring privacy compliance.

Over a thousand organizations have had their compliance activities managed adequately by Silicon Valley startup Essert. Essert is the first firm offering a platform-based approach to privacy compliance, which accurately manages numerous jurisdictions.

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Located in Ribeiro Preto, SP, Brazil, LGPD2U is an enterprise focusing on privacy law compliance procedures.

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