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Top 10 GRC Solution Providers 2023

Enabling Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions At All Levels

Incoming data proves that cyberattacks are growing faster across the globe and taking different forms. Besides the financial losses, a successful cyber attack leads to reputational damage and loss of precious time. Therefore, the fear of potential data breaches and hacking possibilities is a regular part of the modern cybersecurity industry.

Despite the enormity of the situation, the reality is that cyber threats are only sometimes dealt with properly. Attempts to ensure cybersecurity should begin with identifying the right approach. Many times, cybersecurity begins after a breach has occurred. Along with awareness campaigns and bridging the talent gap in cyber expertise, it is inevitable to get accustomed to a ‘proactive approach to cyber threats.’ In other words, all cybersecurity efforts should strictly be focused on preventing these breaches.

Enter Introspective Networks, a firm headquartered in Colorado that has been rethinking the approach to cybersecurity. Instead of trying to detect problems, they simply remove them. For instance, their flagship product SmokeNet has been independently verified to remove all network threats through Moving Target Defense. It also uses an encryption cipher that can not be defeated; even in theory.

Looking at the statistics, For the 12th consecutive year, the US retains the top position in terms of the most expensive data breaches. It is USD $5.09 million more than the worldwide average. It is clear the current status quo and standards do not work. Even an average cyber threat could be disastrous for small to medium-level firms. Moreover, it may take significant time to recover completely from the attacks.

Large, established enterprises may be less vulnerable monetarily, yet repeated attacks can have an impact. A damaged reputation may be even more costly for these firms than direct financial losses. The Internet has transformed our existence and is slowly gaining access to almost all aspects of our lives. Yet, with such power, there is greater opportunity for criminals creating more risk.

Besides a multi-departmental GRC platform, the Workiva platform extends a marketplace where users could get templates and other services related to the Workiva platform besides partner-enterprises, including Namely, including Oracle, PwC, and Deloitte. The Iowa-based firm Workiva’s platform is well-designed to simplify complex GRC processes.

Introspective extends a unique approach to cybersecurity. The approach is strengthened by a proper and extensive understanding on the underlying cybersecurity concerns. The firm differentiates itself with a range of defensive and proactive Cyber security solutions. Introspective Networks’ most significant differentiating factor is their unique approach to cybersecurity based on the proper understanding of the entire cybersecurity scenario and the underlying vulnerabilities with TCP/IP networking

MetricStream is ideal for enterprises with a wide range of users with distinct requirements, including IT managers, auditors, and executives. The features part of the GRC solutions by MetricStream include internal audit management, enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, IT compliance, and cyber compliance management.

With an overall versatility, this would be an ideal option for enterprises that require solutions for employees across roles and departments. In addition, the firm has been extending marketing compliance technology and privacy management solutions to enterprises that help in ensuring compliance with global regulations.

The Riskonnect GRC software helps compliance and risk professionals to collaborate more and share knowledge and data. In addition, the software acts as a one-stop solution for managing risk and compliance.

ServiceNow GRC enables enterprises to gain risk-informed decisions that are part of the day-to-day functions. In short, the grc solutions connects IT, security, and business with GRC. The ServiceNow GRC solutions empower enterprises to modernize conventional methods of managing enterprise risk, governance, and compliance. The ServiceNow solutions encompass the total compliance, risk, and governance management tasks together in one place via a dashboard.

Towerwall began in 1999 and is based in Framingham, MA. The firm extends a range of expert assistance in solutions overview, security reviews, risk assessments, policy development, privacy, penetration testing, comprehensive security training, incident response and managed detection.

The Diligent GRC platform enables enterprises to modernize the governance procedures for the latest digital age requirements. In addition, the Diligent GRC Platform extends higher levels of flexibility, making it possible to arrive at better decision-making, integrate GRC data, and enhance transparency.

Enablon GRC solutions comprise mobile safety and inspection, risk management, internal controls, insurance, claims, continuous assessment, reporting, business continuity, and action plans.

RSA is a Massachusetts-based network security company. The RSA Archer is a perfect example of a GRC solution that can quickly adapt to different types of risk management and compliance requirements. In addition, the Archer includes customization options for enterprises.