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Top 10 IAM Solution Providers 2023


Enterprises perceive IAM as a critical component of their security strategy in an attempt to safeguard their digital assets from an increasing number of cyber threats. Security and user authentication have always been essential for an enterprise’s security and efficient functioning.

However, the current circumstances force the cyber world to adopt new ways of ensuring security. The contemporary IAM market is full of exciting trends and future-oriented developments. As a result, many enterprises have introduced solutions that address the current requirements.

The IAM market has a challenging task ahead, to emerge successfully out of the ever-increasing cyber threats, data loss, data leaks, insecure and improper usage of data, and many other tasks. Therefore, there is an obvious need to increase security effectiveness, boost operational efficiency, and reduce insider risks.

The most significant tools businesses may use to address these issues are identity and access management software solutions. The abundance of IAM solutions is a reality. To make the process of simplifying the selection of IAM solutions easier, we have compiled a list of top providers. The solutions extended by these firms address the current requirements.

By leveraging JumpCloud, enterprises find it easy to unify the technological stack cost-effectively and safely. JumpCloud links company employees to almost any resource and configures and protects their remote devices wherever they work.

OneLogin offers a specialized identity and access management solution for employees and clients. OneLogin is a part of One Identity, which Quest Software owns. OneLogin is based in California.

Various identification and access management solutions are available from Ping identification and may be purchased individually. Automated onboarding, off-boarding, and streamlined access management are some of their answers.

For business online and mobile apps, FusionAuth is a single-tenant CIAM solution. FusionAuth’s REST API, designed for developers, provides secure on-premises or private cloud identification with a single command.

One of the few open-source IAM platforms available is provided by ForgeRock. The open-source IAM projects from Sun Microsystem are the foundation of the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

The Zoho Corporation’s ManageEngine IT management subsidiary provides its AD360 system. An integrated identity and access management system called the AD360 was created to help businesses manage and secure user identities.

StudyDeveloper extends exceptional expertise in Microsoft, Microsoft 365 and Azure consulting. The enterprise is VOSB certified.

A collection of NetIQ products for Identity and access management are offered by CyberRes by Micro Focus. With other security and privacy technologies in the group, it provides an integrated platform for managing identities, access, and privileges.

In terms of access control, authentication, and single sign-on, Okta has long held the top spot. Okta provides IAM solutions with a SaaS-based approach that is straightforward to maintain, enabling zero-trust principles with less complexity.

Okta recently acquired AuthO. The acquisition might help them strengthen their position as the market leader and provide developers with coded IAM solutions for client IAM and apps.