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Top 10 Identity Verification Solution Providers 2023

The identity management software sector in the US is witnessing active growth. The increase in data breaches is one of the factors impacting the market growth. Cyber experts agree uniformly that the threats are going to continue in the immediate future.

As a direct consequence, the impact on identity management solutions is more. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a favorable effect on the market for digital identity solutions.

It was impossible for the world to function normally amidst the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Avoiding contact with each other was the most viable option to arrest the progress of the disease. Enterprises had to resort to remote working. Consequently, there was a surge in cyber threats.

As part of the efforts to deal with these cyber trends, IT experts had to find new ways faster. In the process, identity management solutions assumed more significance.

The popularity still continues. Today, identity management solutions have become more than inevitable for the worldwide cybersecurity industry.

The revolution is being driven by some of the enterprises extending innovative solutions for global identity management solution providers.

This edition of our magazine includes some of the most trending identity solution providers. Our expert team comprising of industry experts and veterans, has researched heavily on the industry to finalize the solution providers.

Powerful and all-in-one identity verification and fraud verification are the important features of the solutions extended by the firm. The clients are given flexibility to adhere to compliance standards and user boarding costs are much lesser.

Onfido aims to make digital identity simple for its clients. Over 900 clients have leveraged the firm’s services. The firm enables global businesscustomer connections that are transparent, safe, and inclusive.

The enterprise is aimed at eliminating fraud and friction. Network validation is another area of focus. The company uses KYC, OCR, AML, and data enrichment to easily and securely verify identities in order to onboard quality users while maintaining compliance.

Jumio’s award-winning biometric-powered identity verification is one of several identification and eKYC solutions available on the KYX Platform, which can help you build trust from day one. Authentication and AML screening are incorporated for excellent services.

With swipes and images, Lightico makes it simple to complete whole processes digitally, allowing businesses and their customers to move forward rapidly.Lightico makes it easy to shift away from legacy, siloed and partial solutions.

A cutting-edge security solution for the educational sector is being developed by a security-focused software company named Smart Routing System. SRS is a facial recognition and fingerprint technology solution that makes the classroom intelligent and secure using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With over 70,000 new users joining the secure digital identification network every day, it already has 100 million users. It also has alliances with 31 states, several government agencies, and more than 500 wellknown shops.

Veriff is the platform for compliance and fraud prevention from retention to onboarding. It is possible to build trust, enhance UX and drive further growth with veriff.

The one and only platform for managing client moments from onboarding through retention, compliance, and fraud protection. With Veriff, you can increase UX, foster trust, and propel company success. The company provides identity proofing, authentication, and group affiliation verification for businesses in a variety of sectors.

The company works together with clients to provide comprehensive, fully scalable enterprise-level solutions that meet the particular security and scalability needs of their enterprises. Every day, millions of users depend on Optimal IdM solutions to meet their identity management and compliance needs.