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Top 10 Information Protection Solution Providers 2023

Data breaches have risen to never-before levels. Risks to crucial corporate data are a constant concern for cyber experts. Attackers have evolved. The nature of data is different. The volume of data has increased exponentially in the recent past. Many underlying aspects have contributed to the immense growth of data.

Meanwhile, it is now essential to sort and analyze the data effectively. What’s even more important is that data should be protected at all levels.

The data protection solutions must be different from what they used to be. The need to go beyond conventional ways is evident. The whole cyber world is aware of the trend and is oriented toward designing solutions that can detect and address breaches even before they happen.

The information protection industry is actively exploring options to advance technologically. There is technical support from enterprises and governing bodies.

The unstructured data environment is evolving due to the rapid expansion of these activities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital transformation.

The data is different and is all about new requirements. The information needs to be preserved and protected for several years or even more.

The industry could not remain immune to the changed requirements. New solutions continue to emerge. Here’s a look at some of these solutions.

With Hot Cloud Storage, a disruptively straightforward, one-size-fits-all cloud storage solution, Wasabi has been reshaping the cloud storage environment since 2017. Wasabi extends cutting-edge cloud technology that changes the game and enables users to economically store almost endless amounts of data.

Rewind has been working to assist companies in safeguarding their SaaS and cloud data since 2015. Rewind’s top-rated solutions and support are being utilized by over 100,000 clients in more than 100 nations.

Own is the top data platform relied upon by tens of thousands of enterprises to safeguard and utilize SaaS data for business transformation. Own gives clients the power to protect mission-critical data’s availability, security, and compliance while opening up fresh channels for gaining more insightful knowledge more quickly.

Since its foundation, the organization has made great efforts to safeguard businesses and the people who work in them. The firm has achieved this by safeguarding their data and making sure that IT systems are more controllable than ever.

The data protection system by the enterprise safeguards sensitive data irrespective of the location. This, further leads to the ability of leveraging data to create improved consumer experiences.

Panzura is a hybrid, multi-cloud, end-to-end data management platform that received awards. Unstructured data may be moved around, accessed, secured, and controlled by the firm.

Organizations are able to spot gaps and possibilities for implementing Zero Trust principles thanks to Symmetry Systems’ Zero-Trust Data Assessments. By offering the solutions required to address actual data security issues, Symmetry Systems eliminates the challenges associated with safeguarding data at scale.

Asigra Tigris is more user-friendly than conventional backup software and protects backups against the modern breed of assaults. It is possible to increase the likelihood of data recovery.

The best at preventing data leaks is Nightfall. With a user-friendly, efficient cloud platform, the enterprise gives businesses the ability to safeguard their critical data.

Data loss prevention features from Digital Guardian enables to view that data, assist compliance activities, and guard against major risk while advising users on the best next security action. These features range from discovery to monitoring to blocking.