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Top 10 Network Protection Solution Providers 2023

Network security is a problem for all enterprises in the modern world. The cyber threat landscape is evolving. Network security has emerged as a permanent concern.

The proactive nature of network monitoring is a crucial component. Proactively locating performance problems and bottlenecks aids in early detection.

As network needs and company activities increase, businesses often grow over time. Network outages may be quite expensive. Real-time network monitoring’s main problem is proactively identifying performance bottlenecks.

There are several network monitoring solutions available in the industry. However, it is critical to choose the ideal one. A networking solution needs to be tailor-made for your specific requirements.

There is a process to ensure network security. Enterprises need network monitors that can scale to any network infrastructure and are future-proof for effective network monitoring. By performing regular checks to identify manipulated files, a network monitoring program should also guarantee the validity of external files derived from external sources and product files that are linked to the tool.

The dangers may be eliminated with the appropriate network architecture. To be sure you are getting the dependability and security your organization requires, it is essential to choose well.

In this edition, we allow you to select an apt provider from a list of top solution providers.

Palo Alto Networks, recognized as the global leader in cybersecurity, consistently pioneers innovative solutions to ensure secure digital transformation, especially amidst rapidly evolving technological landscapes. Their platform is acclaimed for offering unparalleled protection across multi-cloud environments and leading capabilities for autonomous Security Operations Centers (SOC). As staunch advocates for digital transformation, they also provide top-tier threat intelligence and incident response services.

Fortinet stands at the forefront of secure networking and cybersecurity, offering products that seamlessly integrate networking and security. Their solutions enable automated protection, detection, and response, ensuring consolidated visibility not only within Fortinet’s offerings but also across an extensive ecosystem of over 500 third-party solutions. At the core of their offerings is the Fortinet Security Fabric, a pioneering system connecting and applying threat intelligence to both Fortinet products and an open ecosystem.

Broadcom is a global leader in semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. They provide top-notch software that helps businesses worldwide improve productivity and offer unique user experiences, paving the way for growth. Their strength lies in their global reach, deep engineering knowledge, wide product range, and consistent performance.

Akamai, a foundational figure in the online realm, silently powers and safeguards the digital experiences of billions of people as they interact with their favorite brands. Akamai has been consistently addressing the internet’s most daunting challenges. Their solution, the Akamai Connected Cloud, is a vast edge and cloud platform that simplifies business application development and operations, enhancing user experiences by bringing them closer and pushing threats further away.

Rapid7 is dedicated to transforming the often intricate realm of cybersecurity into a simplified, unified experience through enhanced visibility, analytics, and automation. Their steadfast commitment lies in integrating security at the core of every organization. The Rapid7 Insight Platform gathers data across various environments, aiding teams in vulnerability management, attack investigation, and operational automation.

In the realm of cybersecurity, WatchGuard stands as a trailblazer by providing advanced technology in an easy-to-manage format. They protect endpoints worldwide with a portfolio that includes network and endpoint security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence. They emphasize three core principles: preemptive protection, simplified management, and actionable visibility, which enables organizations to proactively pinpoint threats and correct known problems.

The Armis asset intelligence platform is tailored to tackle the evolving threat scenarios posed by interconnected devices. Armis provides realtime, continuous protection, granting comprehensive visibility into all assets—spanning IT, Cloud, IoT, medical devices (IoMT), operational technology (OT), industrial control systems (ICS), and 5G. Their expertise empowers enterprises to integrate new connected devices without the apprehension of potential cyber-attacks.

Cato Networks, a company that provides SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. SASE is a cloud-based security platform that combines networking and security functions. Cato Networks offers a variety of SASE products, including a Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Cato Networks also offers a variety of other security products, such as a firewall and data loss prevention (DLP). Cato Networks is a global company with customers in over 80 countries.

Claroty is dedicated to safeguarding the cyber-physical systems of interconnected entities. Their focus encompasses a range of sectors, including industrial, healthcare, public, and commercial domains. They specialize in ensuring the security of the Extended Internet of Things, equipping organizations with the tools and expertise to protect their integrated cyber-physical environments.

Corelight is a network detection and response (NDR) company. It offers an NDR platform that provides visibility, analytics, investigation, and hunting capabilities. Corelight also partners with other security companies, such as CrowdStrike and Mandiant.