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Top 10 Network Security Solution Providers 2022

According to recent ESG research, more than 75% of enterprises consider security a priority. Besides, compliance teams continuously leverage automation tools while they streamline their employee base, identify workflows, and ensure high-end safety across the enterprise.

Compliance automation has turned most critical in the present times than ever. Enterprises have to encounter frequently altered regulations continually. The cost of significant non-compliance is exorbitantly high as compared to the earlier years. This is not to imply that the cost of ensuring a compliance-ready enterprise is less. On the contrary, noncompliance costs are much higher, and so are the overall impacts on the enterprise and its functions. For example, recent surveys have confirmed that the expenses of non-compliance are estimated to be 2.71 times more than the compliance expenses.


Proofpoint is a California-based network security solution provider formed in 2002. Currently, their expertise is being leveraged across the world. It was the first-ever SaaS-based compliance and cyber security enterprise to achieve the $1 billion revenue milestone. Their solutions are leveraged to combat email threats, data loss, insider threats, prevent ransomware, and so on.

Since 2005, Acunetix has been playing an integral role in securing web applications. Acunetix has enabled several SMBs to have a regular check on security issues. The enterprise has offices across the world. The U.S location is in Austin, Texas.

Vipre showed excellence in email protection, endpoint protection, and user data protection besides network protection. The firm enjoys a wide-ranging presence in the U.K, Mexico, the U.S, and Ireland.

Fortinet boasts a wide-ranging clientele. Their focus areas include network security, enterprise networking, cloud security, cyber security operations, and zero trust access. The firm was founded in 2000 and is based in Sunnyvale, CA.

LogRhythm is an American Security Intelligence firm that retains a particular focus on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) besides endpoint monitoring, network monitoring, forensics, or log management.

Perimeter 81 has quickly ascended to the most impactful ZTNA
(Zero Trust Network Access) and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)
segments. Numerous businesses of various sizes and industries leverage
the benefits of years of excellence of perimeter 81.

The network security solutions by Imperva ensure consistent application performance, safeguard against DDoS attacks at scale and ensure business continuity in case of an outage.

The intruder was established in 2015 to help solve a colossal crisis, i.e., the information overload in susceptibility management.

ScienceSoft has been extending cybersecurity expertise since 2003. The firm analyzes and tests and analyzes the security of networks, firewalls, servers, mobile, web, and APIs.

The Governance and enterprise risk management services extended by Deloitte empower c-suite executives, boards, and senior management in deploying and developing strategic risk assessment processes and programs.