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Top 10 Operation Risk Management Solution Providers 2023

Organizational resilience and success depend on the ability to recognize, evaluate, and reduce risks in the complex and unpredictable world of business operations. The unsung heroes who are transforming how businesses manage and reduce operational risks through creative solutions and strategic insights are the Operational Risk Management Solution Providers. 

They provide an extensive range of risk management tools and processes to assist firms in proactively identifying and mitigating possible threats to their operations, serving as the protectors of organizational stability. These solution providers provide businesses with the tools they need to make wise decisions and protect their assets, reputation, and stakeholders’ interests. These tools range from sophisticated risk assessment frameworks and predictive analytics to real-time monitoring and scenario planning. 

However, their influence goes beyond just reducing danger. Through the cultivation of a culture that values risk awareness and resilience, they empower firms to transform obstacles into chances for expansion and creativity. By means of customized training courses, seminars, and advisory services, they give staff members and executives the know-how and abilities required to effectively manage uncertainty and adjust to evolving situations.

We warmly encourage you to participate in this edition as we explore the world of providers of operational risk management solutions. Expect a deep dive into how these innovators are changing the landscape of organizational resilience, from sharing real-world case studies and success stories to examining new trends in risk management.

Top 10 Operation Risk Management Solution Providers 2023

RiskOptics is a company that provides cyber risk management software. They offer a platform called ZenGRC that helps organizations manage their compliance, risk, and governance initiatives. Their software helps businesses see and communicate the impact of risk on their business.

Pirani is a company that provides software that helps businesses manage risks. Their software helps businesses identify, measure, control, and monitor risks. Pirani’s software is also customizable to fit the needs of different businesses.

Unit21 is a company that provides a no-code platform to help businesses combat financial crime. Their platform includes transaction monitoring, case management, and real-time monitoring. Unit21 also offers a Fraud DAO consortium which allows businesses to share information about fraudulent actors.

Acin is a company that provides operational risk control solutions for the financial services industry. They offer a platform that allows banks to compare their risk control data with that of other banks. This allows banks to identify areas where they can improve their risk controls.

Acuity Risk Management is a company that helps businesses understand and quantify their risks. They help companies manage their risks by providing a platform called STREAM which helps businesses identify, prioritize, and manage risks. STREAM also helps businesses comply with regulations.

Archer is a company that provides integrated risk management solutions for various organizations. Archer helps customers build a common understanding of risk, apply consistent policies and metrics, and leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to manage risk in the digital era. Archer offers a cloud-based platform, a streamlined user experience, a risk quantification tool, and a value-add exchange.

Corporater is a company that provides integrated solutions for governance, performance, risk, and compliance (GPRC) for medium and large organizations worldwide. Corporater’s solutions are built on a single platform that enables customers to create a digital twin of their organization, align their GPRC program with strategy, and make data-informed decisions. Corporater also offers a data modeling platform, a risk quantification tool, and a value-add exchange.

Fusion Risk Management is a company that helps organizations anticipate, prepare, respond, and learn in any situation by equipping them with the software solutions they need to be successful. They offer a platform that helps businesses be more agile and proactive in their approach to risk and resilience. Their solutions include Business Continuity Management, Third-Party Risk Management, and Operational Resilience.

VComply is a company that provides cloud-based solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management. VComply helps customers automate their compliance processes, prevent the risk of violations, and optimize their business performance. VComply also offers a framework library, a risk quantification tool, and a value-add exchange.

Protiviti is a global business consulting firm that provides solutions and services for various domains, such as technology, risk, compliance, transactions, and internal audit. Protiviti helps clients face the future with confidence by delivering deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach, and unparalleled collaboration. Protiviti also offers a vision platform that frames the big ideas that will shape the next 10 years.