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Top 10 Physical Security Solution Providers 2023

Many businesses are aware of how much information is included in physical security systems. The focus is on upgrading physical security in sync with today’s requirements. There are sincere efforts toward making it possible. Yet, the industry needs to be more fast-paced in incorporating technologies to make modernized physical security systems possible.

In 2023, conversations about the road map will increasingly center on gathering intelligence from physical security systems, say industry experts.

Significant gaps still exist in IT security and physical security. The so-called gaps are going to be significant for physical security solution providers.

More businesses will look for solutions for a unified perspective of cybersecurity and physical security. There will be more cooperation, maybe even a team that combines physical and IT security. Improved methods of protecting data, assets, and people will be made possible by increased IT and security coordination.

At the nexus of advanced AI and established safety procedures is where physical security is headed. The future appears to be elaborate for the physical security industry from a 2023 perspective.

Cameras, alarms, and access control systems have been a staple of traditional physical security systems for many years. However, the use of video analytics takes these systems to the next level. More developments are expected in this scenario in the upcoming years.

This edition provides deep insights into the physical security industry. There is a list of innovative physical security solution providers as well.

Northeast Security is a full service security firm providing contract security, intelligence and technology solutions that help our clients improve security, manage risk, and deliver value.

SensoR Technologies provides AI-enabled technology solutions that replace manual data collection processes with a real-time platform to drive procurement business intelligence. Their solutions are designed to help private equity firms and portfolio companies capture operational benefits and mitigate risks associated with complex global supply chains.

Ikusi is a technology services company that specializes in digitalization and cybersecurity. They help companies with their digital transformation by providing services such as integration, engineering, and technology development. Ikusi also offers a variety of other services, such as communication infrastructure, cybersecurity, data center, collaboration, physical security, intelligent transportation systems, IoT, and Big Data. They have a presence in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

Cloudvue provides video surveillance and access control solutions. They offer a variety of security features, including cameras, door controllers, and mobile credentials. Cloudvue also has a variety of intelligent features, such as analytics, AI, and alerts. These features can help organizations improve security and operational efficiency.

WSO Worldwide Security Options provides security solutions to large companies around the world. They offer a variety of services, including executive protection, physical security, electronic protection, and risk management consulting. They have a team of experienced professionals who use cutting-edge technology to provide their clients with the best possible security.

Kastle Systems is a security company that provides access control, video surveillance, visitor management, and other security solutions to businesses. They offer a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to manage their security systems from anywhere.

SecTek provides uniformed security officers and other security services to a variety of clients, including commercial office buildings, data centers, educational institutions, government facilities, faith-based organizations, manufacturing and industrial facilities, and retail establishments.

SoftwareMind is a software development company that provides services such as custom software development, digital transformation services, nearshore software development, cloud consulting and services, and more.

the Intersistemi Group is a company that specializes in information technology integration and digital transformation. The company has a long history of successes, positioning itself as a leading player in this sector. The group emphasizes its role as an ideal partner for individuals or organizations seeking efficient, integrated, and high-quality technological solutions. It appears to focus on avant-garde (cutting-edge) technologies to meet the needs of its clients in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

The company provides the most up to date security and property management services to each of their current and prospective clients, enabling the most efficient and effective management of the security needs and demands of customers.