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Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers 2023

It is safe to assume that risk management has become critical for the entire IT industry, besides other sectors. The possibility of risk is at an all-time high. The reasons vary, they could be an increase in cyber risk, economic uncertainty, global expansion, and so on. Enterprises are focusing heavily on having an apt ERM strategy in place. The risk environment is rapidly evolving.

Of course, there are new challenges and mitigation techniques prevalent in the industry. However, there is no dearth of new possibilities and challenges. It is all about leveraging the opportunities to introduce innovative technologies and strategies to adequately deal with the current risk management landscape. The industry is currently witnessing a surge in similar activities.

Many new approaches have emerged. In this edition, our team of industry experts and writers brings a list of the top 10 risk management solution providers. Our team makes a consistent effort to stay ahead of the latest developments in the industry and has studied the performance of a huge number of enterprises before finalizing the top 10.

Various developments including the possibility of a recession, the quick speed of development, volatile economic conditions, and others have made enterprise risk management assume a central role. Executives understand that to be competitive in this new environment, stronger ERM systems are needed. The interconnection of hazards is one component of the current risk environment that businesses must deal with. Businesses are becoming more and more connected globally. The risk quotient is high. Risk management needs a new approach. The list below comprises some of the innovative risk management solution providers.

Qualys, Inc. is an American technology company that specializes in cloud security, compliance, and associated services. The leading provider of compliance is trusted globally.

Single sign-on (SSO), password management, provisioning, role administration, and identity intelligence for auditing are all features of the enterprise-level identity and access management (IAM) software offered by the SailPoint Identity Platform (IdentityIQ).

KDM provides automated cybersecurity assessment solutions to ensure a fast, systematic, comprehensive, and standard-based approach that is repeatable and highly customizable.

NAVEX provides resources to handle GRC initiatives in a straightforward, effective, and comprehensive manner. The firm offers resources to better foresee and navigate new risks thanks to the NAVEX One platform, an integrated platform of GRC management software.

Origami Risk offers integrated SaaS solutions to assist businesses in transforming how they handle crucial workflows, use analytics, and interact with stakeholders. These businesses include insured corporate and public entities, brokers and risk consultants, insurers, third-party claims administrators (TPAs), risk pools, and more.

An AI platform called Ferret was designed from the bottom up to provide businesses and people with timely, impartial knowledge to help them recognize dangers and seize opportunities.

TDI is a full-lifecycle cybersecurity solutions firm providing Cybersecurity Operations, Cybersecurity Compliance, and Cyber Performance Management (CPM)™.

Corporate businesses across the world trust Bugcrowd to handle their programs for pen testing, bug bounties, vulnerability disclosure, and attack surface management.

Resolver is now a Kroll Company. Resolver aggregates all risk information and contextually evaluates it to disclose the exact business effect of each risk.

The firm is committed to developing GRC solutions that are customer-centric and improve corporate risk responsibility. The enterprise extends hosted, on-premise, and managed services.