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Top 10 SaaS Security Solution Providers 2022

Employees are beginning to permit or establish connections between SaaS apps. The purpose behind this is the feasibility of establishing a highly productive working environment.

(SaaS) models, which operate on a subscription basis and centralized on a distant cloud network, are becoming popular among businesses for a number of factors, including flexibility and cost.

The need and importance of SaaS will continue for years. The future of SaaS on the cloud is undoubtedly the most promising. Security teams must be able to link SaaS app users, roles, and permissions with the cleanliness of the connected devices in order to address possible vulnerabilities.

The prominence of SaaS is likely to extend beyond the current years into the future. As of now, the dominating aspect of SaaS continues.

Industry leaders have kept relying on SaaS solutions despite the recent changes in the employment environment.

Overall, these are valuable times for the SaaS industry. The time to understand and incorporate the latest industry trends and also make changes according to the current requirements.

It is not a hassle-free task to find a viable SaaS solution provider from an abundance of them. We have identified some SaaS solution providers that stand ahead of the industry trends.

Crypttech is a cybersecurity powerhouse providing solutions across AI, cryptography, and big data. They offer a diverse range of tools and services, from AI-powered cyber defense systems (CYBERDROID) to advanced breach simulation software (CRYPTOSIM), equipping businesses with the intelligence and tools to combat modern cyber threats and protect their valuable data.

Q90 wears two hats: one crafting custom software solutions for healthcare and independent living industries, and the other offering web-based consumer management software for businesses. So, they can build tailor-made software for hospitals or senior living facilities, while also providing an off-the-shelf solution for managing customer data, reports, and goals. Think of them as the tech chameleons of industries with specific needs.

Acroplans navigates the dynamic world of IT, HR, and cloud solutions for businesses. They blend business and financial analytics with HR solutions and cloud technology expertise, acting as a one-stop shop for companies seeking to improve efficiency, optimize workforce management, and leverage the power of the cloud. Think of them as a multi-talented tech CEO translator, bridging the gap between data, people, and the cloud to empower businesses and their teams.

Elite Exceed helps businesses of all sizes across various industries achieve success through technology. Imagine a team of tech consultants and software ninjas crafting custom solutions and implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI, Big Data, cloud, and business process optimization. They offer a blend of expertise in various fields, from finance and energy to manufacturing and healthcare, helping businesses streamline operations, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Stonesoft io is a multifaceted company specializing in software development, with a primary focus on ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ systems. Beyond software solutions, the company extends its expertise to I.T. hardware, offering comprehensive services to map out and build infrastructure, as well as competitive solutions for cloud-based needs. Stonesoft collaborates with companies across diverse industries, including automotive, education, arts and entertainment, construction, transportation, fulfillment services, warehousing, real estate, healthcare, retail, wholesale, information technology, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, software as a service, and packaging.

EMG Solutions focuses on electrodiagnostic testing services for healthcare providers. They provide on-site EMG/NCS (electromyography/nerve conduction studies) services to hospitals and clinics, helping diagnose neuromuscular abnormalities and monitor treatment progress. This can involve testing muscle activity and nerve signals to pinpoint issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, ALS, and spinal cord injuries. Essentially, they’re the “muscle detectives” assisting healthcare professionals in uncovering and managing nerve and muscle disorders.

Morgana Tec develops and implements software solutions for businesses, providing tools to manage operations, financials, and inventory across various industries. Think of them as your digital toolbox, offering customizable workflows, reporting, integrations, and cloud-based access to streamline processes and boost efficiency, whether you’re in retail, agriculture, or any other sector.

SysAIO crafts all-in-one applications (like AvAIO) that drive logistics based businesses online. These web-based, mobile-ready solutions tackle complex operations with interactive processes for a seamless workflow, catering to diverse aviation companies from large operators to startups, and even integrating specific parts of their system if needed. Think of them as the digital architects building personalized flight paths for logistics businesses to soar in the online world.

CISO Assurance Global acts as your cybersecurity guardian, offering a combination of strategic consulting, compliance assurance, and tactical services to protect your business from risk. Think of them as your one-stop cybersecurity shield, helping you craft strong defenses, ensure regulatory compliance, and stay ahead of cyber threats, all while optimizing your security posture.

Map is a Turkish leader in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), essentially acting as a digital translator between businesses. They manage the flow of crucial data like invoices, orders, and delivery notes, streamlining communication and automating processes between trading partners, ultimately saving time and boosting efficiency for everyone involved. It’s like a data highway ensuring smooth information flow for businesses to focus on what they do best.