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Top 10 Server Security Solution Providers 2023

The current technical landscape complicated by ever-changing cyber security issues and the ever-increasing cyber threats, needs refined server security solutions.

The need for better server security has propelled the market growth. Recent statistics say the server security market will be worth $US 51.7bn by 2032.

Cyber attacks are evolving in nature. Cybersecurity experts have to constantly introduce new solutions that align with the latest industry trends. It goes without saying that the server security solutions industry will experience steady growth in the coming years.

The server security solutions market constitutes around 35% of the current cyber security market. The percentage is expected to increase in the future. Cybersecurity has become an inevitable concern for both the public and private sectors.

Server security solutions are capable of protecting the entire network of an enterprise.

All in all, the cyber world is expected to incorporate refined server security solutions constantly. In short, server security will be in demand.

We felt it was an ideal phase to study the server security trends in detail. This edition includes the latest trends in the industry and a list of the top 10 server security solution providers.

Top 10 Server Security Solution Providers 2023

Cyber is a company that provides bespoke software development, mobile application development, and website design services. They also offer a variety of other IT services, such as penetration testing, server security, and SEO. Cyber has a team of expert software developers who have worked on a variety of projects for clients in a variety of industries.

Simply Hosting, a UK-based company, offers affordable and reliable web hosting solutions for everyone, from personal blogs to demanding businesses. They have various plans ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers, with additional services like domain registration, SSL certificates, and 24/7 UK support. They’re known for their value, no-fuss approach, and local data centers for optimal performance.

K+B Expert is a German company offering electrical engineering, IT solutions, and a chain of consumer electronics stores in Bavaria. They specialize in electrical installations, building automation, IT infrastructure, and security systems for businesses and homes. Additionally, their retail stores boast a wide range of electronics, appliances, and home improvement products.

Eplanet Global is a company that helps businesses of all sizes thrive in the digital age. They do this by offering a variety of BPO and IT solutions, such as customer service, back-office operations, data entry, digital transformation services, software development, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure management. They also run Helpp, a platform that empowers individuals with professional training and flexible work arrangements for micro entrepreneurial opportunities.

Kavaliro connects businesses with talent through recruitment services, empowers their tech side with managed IT and Salesforce expertise, and boasts a knack for tailoring solutions to client needs. They’re all about bridges: bridges between companies and skilled individuals, and bridges to smooth and optimized operations through tech.

WebPros is a one-stop shop for all your online needs, helping businesses build, operate, and grow their online presence. Their user-friendly website builder lets you create professional websites without coding knowledge, while their customer portal and project management tools keep everything organized. They also handle server management, billing, and automation, so you can focus on what you do best. And if you need help getting found online, their SEO expertise and additional services like email marketing and analytics will give you a boost.

CentralSquare powers public safety and government efficiency for over 8,000 communities. They provide a unified software suite offering everything from police and fire dispatch to court management and permit processing, helping streamline operations and serve residents better. Think of them as the tech backbone keeping local governments running smoothly.

Supermicro builds the muscle behind the brains of the digital world. They’re a leading innovator in high-performance, energy-efficient server technology, crafting servers, storage systems, and AI systems for data centers, cloud computing, and more. Think of them as the architects of the powerful servers that keep websites zipping, data crunching, and AI learning.

Server Technology designs and manufactures high-quality power distribution units (PDUs) and monitoring solutions for data centers. They ensure reliable and efficient power delivery to your valuable servers and IT equipment, keeping your operations up and running smoothly. Think of them as the trusted electricians keeping your digital brain powered and optimized.

Vizrt equips broadcasters and content creators with powerful tools to bring stories to life. They specialize in real-time 3D graphics, video playout, studio automation, sports analysis, and tools for journalists, helping professionals across media craft visually stunning and engaging experiences for audiences. Think of them as the storytellers’ toolbox, powering everything from dynamic news graphics to immersive virtual studios.